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Milk_shake®’s Flower Power: Vegan Cleansing & Protection for Colour-Treated Hair

Our iconic and best-selling products are now available in vegan editions, containing no animal-derived ingredients. A complete hydrating and conditioning range that includes our much-loved colour care and leave-in products, for beautiful hair results.

Beauty & Nature: A retail specialty with vegan-friendly formulas and high-performance plant-based ingredients in an exquisite floral fragrance.

Expand your salon retail with the famous milk_shake® sensory experience for your clients and make their daily hair routine a delight for them!

The Haircare Routine for Colour-Treated Hair with High Performing Plant-Based Ingredients:

  • Soy proteins Particularly efficient on damaged, dry and dull hair, they help to repair damaged hair.

  • Moringa Oleifera extract A superfood with emollient and hydrating properties for the hair and scalp, with a high vitamin and mineral content.

  • Integrity 41® Gives hair shine and helps to protect hair colour over time.

And now: The fresh, sweet floral notes to give an exquisite fragrance to the range, celebrating nature in all its beauty and simplicity.

experience beauty naturally

Reveal hair’s natural beauty with products that are good for both you and the planet. Delectable scents combined with natural milk proteins and fruit extracts create the perfect healthy hair experience to enjoy and share.

Milk_shake®: The Flower Power Editions

A retail product range you know and trust to support your clients’ hair health and their physical and spiritual wellbeing:

colour maintainer shampoo - flower fragrance

Hydrating and protective shampoo for colour-treated hair

It cleanses colour-treated hair gently, maintaining the hair’s moisture balance and protecting hair colour.

Use: distribute evenly over damp hair, lather, then rinse.

colour maintainer conditioner - flower fragrance

conditioning cream for colour-treated hair

Formulated to maintain the hair’s optimal moisture balance and protect colour radiance.

Use: apply by massaging through clean, damp hair. Comb through and leave in for 2-5 minutes. Rinse well.

leave-in conditioner - flower fragrance

no rinse conditioning spray for all hair types

Conditions and gives greater manageability to dry, damaged hair. It contributes to giving hair just the right moisture balance, leaving hair shiny, soft and with a gorgeous fragrance.

Use: spray evenly over clean, damp hair, insisting on the most damaged areas. Proceed with styling.

incredible milk - flower fragrance

leave-in treatment for all hair types

An intensive spray-on mask with a nourishing and protective action, with 12 benefits for the hair.

Use: apply to clean, damp hair, distribute through the hair and proceed with styling.

Speak to your milk_shake® rep about stocking such a divine sensory experience and treat your clients to all the sheer health and wellbeing you can offer them.

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