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Local Inspiration by Adri Willers at Flhair Hairstylists

Adri Willers and the team bring out the perfect shade of red to suit her client's unique style and personality.

Click the image below to see the Instagram post.


Formula 1 (Lightner) 20 volume Kadus Light plex bond lightening powder - few teasy lights and tip outs

Formula 2 (Root Melt) Kadus Demi-permanet colour 5/0 and 5/56 with 13% Crème Emulsion

Formula 3 (Blend to ends) Kadus Demi-permanent colour 5/56 and /56 with 13% Crème Emulsion

Treated with no2 Light plex then, shampooed with Kadus Fiber Infusion and Post colour treatment with Kadus Colour Radiance Mask

Stylist: Adri Willers

Products: Kadus Professional

Salon: Flhair Hairstylists

Follow Adri on Instagram @adri._.willers @flhair_hairstylists

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