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LABEL.M Revamped: Introducing a Modern Legacy

The Innovative, Eco-Conscious Professional Haircare Range with the Hero Products You Love

Created by TONI&GUY, stunningly reformulated with powerful botanical ingredients that do good for you and for the planet.

Our New In-Salon and Retail Products – Newly Designed:

Introducing M-Plex: A Bonding Revolution

LABEL.M’s new Cleanse, Condition and Care formulations

An Exciting New Revamp of your Favourite Brand by the Award-Winning Artistic Team of TONI&GUY

The new and improved LABEL.M range has been upgraded to deliver results like never before by the TONI&GUY dynamic Global Artistic Team, the most awarded team in British hairdressing-award history with 79 British awards and over 100 global hairdressing accolades. Between their expertise and the latest technological innovations, the LABEL.M range has been completely revamped, ensuring infinite care and deep knowledge has been poured into every single product.

Empowering you the Stylist: LABEL.M is the Supporter of More than 150 Hair Designers World-Wide

LABEL.M is a family brand and has always had a strong heritage in fashion, a clear commitment to doing good, respecting the environment, sourcing sustainably and giving back. It’s also the only Official Haircare Product of London Fashion Week since 2013 and an empowering range that now supports more than 150 designers worldwide, used to create hair trends and translate them from catwalks to salons across the globe. A percentage of every LABEL.M product sold is dedicated to nurturing emerging design talents and the future of fashion.

Embracing Diversity & Individuality

“Since founding LABEL.M in 2005 with my father Toni Mascolo, I’ve been determined to create an authentic modern legacy that eternally embraces inclusivity while celebrating diversity and individuality. We look after our future generations for our consumers and the planet. It’s my vision to always share our expertise, elevating and empowering hairdressers around the world to create a collective of high standard professionals.”


The gender-neutral, universal range includes 50+ haircare and styling products centred on a five-category system that targets five primary haircare solutions. Colour-coding simplifies easy retail promotion and selection of Cleanse, Condition and Care products to suit haircare routine needs. Create and Complete high-performing products are suitable for all hair types.

“We have tried and tested these products to perfection in order to develop a range that truly creates strong, beautiful and healthy hair from the inside out. As the Official Product of London Fashion Week for over 30 seasons, these new products have already been used backstage to create the hair of the industry’s leading designers, bringing the biggest catwalk trends, straight to our clients.”

Beyond “Clean” Or “Natural” Haircare

LABEL.M’s new Cleanse, Condition and Care formulations prioritise biocompatibility. They are crafted with the best botanicals, innovative safe synthetics and exclusive technologies to uniquely bridge the gap between nature and science.

We believe in using only ingredients that directly benefit the hair and scalp. The foundation of the high-performing formulations across the five key haircare concerns are two exclusive complexes that protect, strengthen and moisturise.

• ENVIROSHIELD PLUS combines naturally derived ingredients that protect against free radicals, UVA and UVB rays and other environmental stresses.

• POWER PEPTIDE powerfully blends superior protein extracts and repairing botanicals to elasticize and protect.

Curated essential oils, plant and fruit extracts and powerful vitamins build on these foundations with prized complexes exclusive to LABEL.M – Moisture Magnet Complex, Pumpkin Enzyme, Violet Botanical Complex, Supreme Colour Blast Technology, Hydropower Bond and M-Plex Bond Technology – giving unique efficacy.


The M-Plex Bond Technology breaks new boundaries in hair repair. Colour, heat and texture-enhancing treatments weaken, damage and can break the hair. M-Plex has been formulated to target and mend disulphide bonds in hair strands and protect them from further damage as well as delivering luxurious feeling hair.

Hydropower Bond Technology seals the cuticle giving smoother, healthier-looking hair and a glossier shine. A range of plantbased proteins and ultra-nourishing ingredients, including moisture-locking superfoods, strengthen and hydrate. In Afro hair, M-Plex has a frizz-controlling, curl-defining effect.

In-Salon - This salon professional hair bond repairing treatment has been formulated for professional colouring, lightening and treatment services. In the initial phase of testing, 71% of salons said M-Plex is superior to their existing treatments and 29% felt M-Plex was on par with their most popular service.

Retail Homecare with M-Plex - The Cleanse, Condition and Care regime contains M-Plex to strengthen hair at home, allowing clients to integrate M-Plex technology into their everyday haircare routine. 86% of people who tried our M-Plex Bond Repairing Miracle Mask said it made their hair feel softer and smoother from the first application.

Pioneering Sustainability

Sustainability is a journey and LABEL.M is committed to its path.

LABEL.M is 100% cruelty free, all of its range is recyclable* and it’s among the first few pioneering brands to invest in 100% recyclable pumps. The luxurious soft tactile packaging is made of 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. All the botanical ingredients are blended with LABEL.M’s exclusive technologies from sustainable or renewable sources.

Available Now!

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LABEL.M is a professional haircare collection deeply rooted in 60 years of TONI&GUY brand heritage, founded by Toni & Sacha Mascolo in 2005. The brand’s mission is to inspire and nurture creativity and individuality in professional stylists and clients around the world. With 680 salons worldwide, TONI&GUY’s global experience and knowledge of hair types in different cultures, climates and ethnicities is unrivalled. All products are tried & tested rigorously across the global salon network for efficacy and suitability, which is how LABEL.M can deliver personalised haircare and the most beautiful healthy hair. LABEL.M is used across 7000+ salons in 64 countries, including all TONI&GUY salons. This is the 17th year that TONI&GUY has collaborated with The British Fashion Council, and it marks another important milestone in a unique and deepening partnership that drives creativity and innovation in the fashion and beauty industries.

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