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K18: A Breakthrough in Bioscience, Exclusive to Hair Health and Beauty

K18 Biomimetic Hairscience, a breakthrough in Bioscience.

After a decade of research scanning the entire genome of human hair keratin proteins, a breakthrough was discovered – the K18Peptide™. This patented peptide is the miracle sequence unlocking the secret to lasting hair repair, transforming damaged hair back to its original, healthy state. K18 was born, utilizing this peptide in pre and post salon treatment products, completely transforming the way hairdressers approach any treatment. Gone are the days of clients leaving the salon with damaged hair.

How does repair happen?

The K18Peptide™ carries amino acids into the hair cortex to reconnect broken keratin chains and re-conform disulfide bonds, reversing any kind of hair damage. K18 is not just a temporary fix either – it is the first product to use biomimetics to repair hair broken by any salon service or chemical. The more damaged the hair, the more dramatic the results. Hair damage is universal, and now lasting repair can be too.

How is K18 different?

Until now, damage repair products only concealed or patched hair damage. Either the hair is coated in oils for superficial hydration and sheen, or damage is patched like an internal glue. Both methods have temporary results, washing out and leaving damaged hair behind. K18 heals keratin chains, building blocks of the hair, for hair like new. These results do not wash away. With just one treatment, hair is restored to 91% original strength, and 94% original elasticity.

And the best news? K18 can be used before and after any salon treatment, and you don’t need to change a single thing about any service to incorporate K18. All you need is add an extra 4-8 minutes.

Think of all the times you had to compromise a treatment because the resulting damage would have been too intense. That is now gone with K18. Now you can achieve any look, and do it one appointment. Want to take brunette to platinum in one sitting? That is no problem with K18.

How does the K18 treatment work?

The professional K18 system consists of a pre-treatment mist and post-treatment mask. Apply the mist to the hair before any salon treatment, continue as normal, and then apply the mask. The mist strengthens hair before the treatment, and the mask repairs any damage caused by the treatment. This includes damage from chemicals used in lightening, colouring, perms, relaxers, reconditioning, and anything else. After that, clients can take home a leave-in mask to continue treating their hair between services.

Official YouTube content

Take K18 everywhere you go, and the result will always be healthy, strong hair:

With the 2-step professional treatment, you can do anything you want with the hair, without worrying about damage at the end:

Clients instantly know their hair looks and feels strong and healthy, no matter the hair type:

See how to seamlessly incorporate K18 into any professional treatment.

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