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Impilo Beaux – South African Stockists of Novex, #1 Hair Care Brand in Brazil

Expand and optimise your salon’s reach with our easy e-commerce site

Novex is the Number One haircare brand in Brazil and caters to your most discerning client with a vast array of ranges including exciting new health-conscious, hair-healthy bundles of shampoos, conditioners, deep hair masks and treatments. Novex creates a complete beauty care regime for your clients using our Impilo Beaux resellers online portal!

Our Resellers overview and concept:

Hair stylists and beauticians alike, the most important influencers in the trade!

A vast majority of your salon clientele are not purchasing their homecare maintenance products from your salon, so why miss out on earning commission on this side of retail? You know your customer the best, so why not recommend products that you can trust?

Novex is the Number One Haircare brand in Brazil and delights consumers and influencers all over the world.

AfroHair range - Enriched with purest castor oil, Argan oil and D-Panthenol to provide prolonged softness, hydration and shine and protection from split ends.

Novex Collagen Infusion - 100% vegan collagen, cruelty-free and paraben / petrolatum / silicone / sulfate-free. Gently cleans hair, strengthening hair follicles, promoting hair growth and thickening weak, brittle hair.

Novex Dr Hemp and the Novex Dr. Hemp Blindagem ranges - Infused with the purest 100% organic hemp seed oil. The key ingredient of cannabis Sativa seed oil contains fatty acids including Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9, proteins, Vitamin E, Calcium, Zinc, and Iron. Cannabis Sativa seed oil calms, smooths and strengthens the hair, preventing breakage. Protects against thermal aggressions, strengthens and seals the hair cuticles, further protecting from environmental stressors.

Novex Coconut Oil range - Using the purest Brazilian coconut oil, this range is cruelty-free with all natural nutrients, Ph3.5, and Salt free. Practical and versatile, it has an anti-frizz action, providing deep nutrition and daily protection to the hair, creating revitalised, disciplined, silky hair.

Novex My Little Curls range - Specially developed for the smallest in the house, dermatologically tested, cruelty-free and paraben / petrolatum / silicone / sulfate-free vegan formula. Nourishing and hydrating for all children concerned with dry, tangled, frizzy hair, especially those with hair types 3 and 4.

Brazilian Keratin range – Formaldehyde-free, cruelty-free and contains 100% Brazilian Keratin and Vitamin E and provides ultra-deep hydration, smoothness and repair treatment.

Find just the right NOVEX product range for your client’s hair and skin needs with our Diagnostic Tool!

Don’t miss out on retail sales commission - become a reseller today:

  1. Register as a Reseller by sending an email to or call us on (021) 020 1480.

  2. Spread the love and build your customer base during consultations

  3. Log in to your very own Impilo Beaux Resellers profile and create tailored product bundles for your customer.

  4. Share the unique shopping link with your customer for them to make the purchase

  5. Once the sale has been completed, your 10% commission will be loaded to your profile and you benefit! Save this commission for a rainy day or cash out as required, your choice!

T&Cs apply.

Join the Impilo Beaux family today!

Call us on (021) 020 1480

About Impilo Beaux

Impilo Beaux inspires an improved way of living. Our range of top-quality hair products allows you to unleash your inner charm and live your life with unwavering confidence. Our network of partners allows us to provide South Africa with the best in hair and beauty at reasonable pricing, granting everyone the opportunity to embrace a fresh, positive and elegant lifestyle. Impilo Beaux exclusively partners with ethical and sustainable brands that are focused on creating a better future. Our business will only partner with brands that firmly uphold strong moral and ethical values that go beyond the ideals of profitability and ego.


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