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Hairnews Wishes the Industry a Safe and Successful Festive Season

What a year it’s been! Following on from 2020, who expected that 2021 would give us such a rollercoaster ride?

It’s been a challenging year. We are so proud of the many salons and individuals who have bravely kept on keeping on, even if it has meant making changes to the business. We have seen so many positive stories, so many acts of kindness, so many people showing courage and fortitude as they regroup and rebuild.

2021 has been a cruel year for many. We are thinking of all those who have suffered the terrible loss of someone close to them, and are having to face a new year without their loved life partner, colleague, friend or family member. We wish you all the strength and courage you need, and we hope that 2022 is a kinder year to us all, where we see new growth, renewed health, and a stronger industry and society.

This year, more than any other, has taught us that we need to prioritise the needs of society over the needs and rights of each individual. As hairstylists and beauty professionals, who are such an integral part of a society, you can only succeed if everyone succeeds. You can only be healthy if everyone is healthy. We all need to strive towards a mindset and scenario where we put our common needs first, and we do what is right for others.

I hope that 2022 brings joy, success, growth, new opportunities, safety and good health to every one of us in this awesome industry.

The Hairnews team will take a short break from 25th December, and we will be back on January 3rd.

See you then!

With love and best wishes,

Jassy, Belinda, Beth and Brad – the Hairnews team!


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