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Groomed Academy’s Owner and Founder Eric Way is Bringing International Opportunities to SA Students

Eric Way, founder of Groomed Academy South Africa, has been broadening his international horizons with his exciting new chapter in the UK, to the benefit of all students completing the Groomed Academy SA courses which are also available online.

Eric has just accepted a position as brand ambassador, educator and artistic manager for the prestigious Head Quarters group, and is in charge of their training and competitions work, helping them elevate their brand and profile. He says, “Head Quarters is a wonderful company to be associated with and I can bring all my knowledge and experience from Groomed Academy as a training facility to help them develop and train their barbers and male grooming specialists.”

Eric is excited to be working with Artero, a long-respected clipper brand that has an amazing range of tools. He’ll be appearing in London this year onstage at Salon International as one of their listed celebrity guest artists. Watch him on stage every day in London at Salon International. Eric will be leading the team from Head Quarters as their artistic manager.

More About the Groomed Academy Online Courses

The online courses available through Groomed Academy, under the leadership of Suzette Coetzee in Mossel Bay, are run in conjunction with the Mike Taylor Educational Portal. They offer dual certification in South Africa and the UK. This means even more career choices and exciting international prospects for barbers who graduate! Groomed Academy students will be the first students in South Africa to have exclusive access to the resources which will support them in developing lifelong skills in the industry.

This teamwork and partnership allows for exceptional training both to those starting a career in barbering and those wishing to further their skills. These include theory and practical lessons, presented by Mike Taylor himself as well as weekly live one-on-one Online Mentor sessions conducted by Groomed Barber Academy.

Eric is delighted that this will expand the horizons for Groomed Academy students in terms of further education as well as international employment, adding to the career value that these exceptional courses provide.

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