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Espressotime! The 10-Minute Hair Colouring Ritual

Espressotime is the new, fast, hair colouring ritual. Now using Fermented Green Coffee and Ginseng to colour and treat your hair while saving 70% of the time.

Our professional permanent hair colour guarantees that in just 10 minutes, you will receive maximum results in terms of hair shine and coverage.

Fermented Coffee is when coffee beans undergo a fermentation process that increase their properties, paired with Ginseng to add a complete enriched ritual with 4 aftercare products to prolong the colour treatment effects.

Additionally, it also contains a high content of polyphenols, antioxidant, and caffeine, for microcirculation of the scalp.

Stimulation of the scalp will result in overall healthier looking hair.

So have your Espressotime, for a quick fix to brilliant looking hair, every time!

JHB Contact Information:

Contact Number: 011 262 2451

CPT Contact Information:

Contact Number: 021 944 8700


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