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EOHCB Salon Protocol Reminder

This is a reminder to salons that under the current gazetted legislation, refreshments may not be served in salon, and clients may not have massages at the backwash basin.

These rules were relaxed for a while under the Level 1 regulations, but were put into place again during the second wave and are still in place with beverages in-salon prohibited.

With the likelihood of a third wave as winter approaches, we need to remember that the more responsible and safe our salon environment can be, the more confident clients will be to visit the salon.

Hairstylists spend a long time in close proximity to clients when cutting or colouring, and this makes mask wearing more important. At a restaurant, wait staff serve people only briefly and are further away from customers in terms of distance.

Masks should be correctly worn by all stylists and salon staff at all times.

A salon’s main function is to do awesome hair!

Alternatives to serving coffee in the salon include:

• Takeaway bottles of water

• Takeaway coffees that your client can enjoy in her car

• Takeaway care packs with a sweet treat or other delight

• If your salon has an outside area then your client may go outside and enjoy a cup of coffee while not in the salon environment, and in proximity to you and other clients. She should replace her mask before returning into the salon.

The EOHCB is available for any other information and advice on current protocols to help keep your business safe and successful. Contact your friendly local representative for more.


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