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Milkshake Sustainable Beauty: Putting Nature First

Why should you choose Milkshake?

• Because we are dedicated to protecting the environment as much as we are to protecting hair.

• Because all of our products are made in Italy following the strictest guidelines provided by EU regulations, for the best haircare experience possible.

• Because every day, we are committed to providing excellent products and service, while constantly working towards an eco-friendly approach to haircare.

• Because we want a sustainable future for everyone, and our planet.

Food for Hair – Plastic-free Formulas Packed with Goodies

Feeding your hair is just as important as feeding your body. That’s why we are committed to using high percentages of the best natural ingredients which are often organic. Whenever possible our formulas are sulphate, paraben and salt-free, and we never allow microplastics in our products.

Z-one concept does not carry out or commission animal testing.

Research and Innovation for the Future World

We are approaching the use of biotechnologies which have their own unique benefits. By using natural engineering to get the most out of raw materials, we reduce waste, as well as reduce human impact on the materials and the soil.

Packaging – Less is More to Protect Planet Earth

We know that packaging has an impact on our planet, so we have chosen materials that significantly reduce the environmental impact of our brand. Our plastic bottles are made from 50% recycled plastic and can easily be recycled.

The aluminium we use can be recycled forever.

Any paper used is made from responsibly managed sources and is recyclable.

Merchandising – Supporting Salons Sustainably

We want our salons to look beautiful and to help your clients have the best experience, sustainably. We are opting for beautiful, durable and long lasting wooden and metal furnishing items, or paper from sustainably managed forests.

Resources – Green Energy, Zero Impact, Carbon Offset

We choose to use 100% certified sustainable energy at our headquarters. We care about nature, print only when necessary, and recycle our paper. We offset our paper use by planting trees, and to further reduce environmental impact, traffic and pollution, our employees work from home where possible.

Charity – Supporting People, Protecting Nature

We regularly contribute to charities as part of our company ethic for social sustainability, and do regular charitable drives that support a wide variety of causes from breast cancer prevention to the fight against the extinction of polar bears.

Measurable Quality and Transparency

We believe in quality, transparency and measurability, and that’s why we have opted to be ISO 9001:2015 certified since 2018. This helps us to closely monitor our processes, reducing wastage and maintaining top quality service and customer satisfaction.

We love Planet Earth!

To join the milk_shake family and become part of the company’s green, eco-friendly ethos, contact our friendly team today.

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