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EOHCB Meet the Team: Janine van Eck - Southern Gauteng Business Developer

Janine is a results-oriented professional adept in Reception, Administration, and Data Management, boasting over nine years of combined experience in these fields. With a keen eye for trend analysis and strategic planning, she possesses exceptional organisational and time management skills. Her commitment to delivering positive business outcomes is unwavering. Known for her affable nature, Janine thrives on engaging with diverse individuals across various sectors. She excels in problem-solving, efficiently addressing industry challenges, and finding effective resolutions.

Within the EOHCB, Janine assumes the role of Business Developer for the Southern Gauteng region. While contributing to the development efforts across all provinces, her primary focus lies in providing crucial support to organisational accounts, particularly in addressing outstanding subscription fees. Demonstrating remarkable efficiency, she supports area managers by handling tasks such as drafting policies, recording minutes, scheduling meetings, and managing day-to-day administrative functions essential to both the organisation and the industry at large.

Janine advocates for employers and legal owners to join the EOHCB, emphasizing the multitude of benefits it offers. Membership affords access to invaluable labour and business support, essential for navigating intricate employment laws and mitigating potential labour disputes. Furthermore, the EOHCB fosters a vibrant community through nationwide events and webinars, facilitating networking opportunities and interactions with industry experts.

Notably, membership presents a cost-saving advantage for those already registered with the National Bargaining Council, as bargaining levies can be seamlessly converted into EOHCB membership. Activation of EOHCB benefits is a straightforward process, requiring completion of the membership application form.

For any further information or enquiries please contact the EOHCB representative in your area by clicking HERE.

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