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Elevate Your Colour Services with milk_shake Colour Care!

Exciting news! We're delighted to reinforce a game-changer in retail haircare – milk_shake Colour Care, a colour maintenance product in our professional product range. 


Elevate your colour services to new heights with this cutting-edge solution, designed to ensure the longevity and vibrancy of your clients' hair post-chemical colouring.


All Colour Care products are only sold in professional hair salons.


Why Milk_Shake Colour Care?

As part of the renowned milk_shake range, Colour Care is crafted with the same commitment to quality and innovation that you've come to expect. 


A must-have for your salon:

  • cleanses gently whilst maintaining the hair’s vitality.

  • weightlessly nourishes and restructures the hair with milk proteins.

  • improves hair colour stability and maintains colour intensity over time.


Colour Protection & Preservation: Advanced colour-protection technology safeguarding, preserving and extending the life of your clients’ colour.


Nourishing Ingredients: A luxurious blend of nourishing elements hydrates and strengthens hair strands, leaving them silky-smooth and radiant.


UV Filters: Defend against environmental stressors! Shielding hair from harmful sun rays, preventing colour fading caused by exposure to UV light.


Sulfate-Free: Our sulfate-free formulations ensure a gentle cleansing process, preserving the integrity of the colour and preventing premature fading.


Versatile Range: From shampoos and conditioners to leave-in treatments, Milk_Shake Colour Care offers a comprehensive range tailored to meet the diverse needs of your clients.


milk_shake® Colour Care formulas have been created to enhance the beauty of colour-treated hair with naturally-sourced active ingredients and extracts.


  • MILK PROTEINS: supplement the keratin component of the hair with a restorative, restructuring, strengthening, protective and conditioning action. The hair gains nourishment, strength, shine, smoothness and softness.

  • INTEGRITY 41®: prevents and repairs damage caused by external aggressors, UV rays and frequent washing. It guarantees radiance and vibrant hair colour for longer. 

  • VITAMIN E: helps to prevent and counteract the oxidative processes that cause colour-fading and dullness in the hair. 

  • WHEAT PROTEINS: restore the natural components of the keratin within the hair, which are essential for the hair’s structure, strength and resistance.

Retail Protective Colour Care Products that Set your Salon Apart:


colour maintainer shampoo

hydrating and protective shampoo for colour-treated hair 

Gentle cleansing shampoo to maintain the beauty and vitality of colour-treated hair. Paraben & sles free or sulfate free version.


colour maintainer conditioner

conditioner for colour-treated hair 

Hydrating, protective and detangling conditioner for colour-treated hair. Its fluid, caramel-like texture is particularly suitable for normal/fine hair, giving weightless conditioning. Paraben free. 


deep conditioning mask

intensive maintenance conditioner for colour-treated hair 

Gives nourishment and structure for deep protection. Leaves hair soft, shiny, strong and weightless. Most suitable for coarse hair. Paraben free.


A Win-Win for Your Salon & Your Clients:


Client Satisfaction: Deliver a superior salon experience, ensuring clients leave with vibrant, healthy-looking hair and a cutting-edge solution to help them maintain the vibrancy of their colour.


Happy clients are repeat clients: Boost satisfaction and loyalty by offering a solution that enhances colour longevity and your clients’ joy in their new look.


Competitive Edge: Stay ahead in the industry by providing the latest in colour maintenance. Set your salon apart as the go-to destination for exceptional, expert haircare.


Don't miss the chance to enhance your colour services with milk_shake Colour Care. Contact a milk_shake Sales Consultant to place your order today!

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