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Dyson Supersonic: Invest in your Career by Using and Stocking the World’s Most Advanced Dryer

Dyson Supersonic has revolutionised the world of blowdrying, with its space-age, gorgeous, top performing dryers that are quiet, effective, non-damaging, and packed with technology.

Here’s more about the Dyson Supersonic Professional v2, engineered for hairstylists – as well as the stunning new Black Version which is available for resale to clients!

Dyson Supersonic Professional v2: Quiet, Powerful and Comfortable to Use

Not only is the Dyson Supersonic Professional a gorgeous talking point in the salon, it’s also a top performer that will allow you to blowdry effortlessly, in a quiet environment, with fast, shiny and damage-free results thanks to the incredible technology packed into the Dyson Supersonic Professional.

The Benefits of Dyson Supersonic Professional

Investing in this dryer means that you are investing in your hairdressing career.

• Its space-age looks create excitement and a talking point in salon.

• Its super-powerful motor allows for faster drying time.

• It is incredibly light, balanced and ergonomic for better posture and health.

• It is a joy to use with the clip-on, clip-off magnetic attachments.

• It will never overheat or damage hair so you are investing in your clients’ hair health.

V2: Engineered for Professionals

The fabulous v2 has a longer cord, stronger magnetic attachments, and an improved filter, giving it even more ease of use and durability in a salon environment. Try the Dyson Supersonic once, and you will never look back – and nor will your clients!

Stock the Dyson Supersonic: Now Available in New Black Nickel Shade with Gentle Air Attachment

The Dyson Supersonic is a sought-after tool that can be a top seller and a source of revenue in your salon. Once clients have experienced the Dyson Supersonic difference, they will want to use this tool at home to get the same phenomenal experience and gorgeous, shiny, speedy results. Curly haired clients will find the curl diffuser a joy to work with, and this is one of the most popular reasons for clients investing in this awesome dryer.

Gentle Air Attachment

To personalise the blow-drying experience, there is a brand new attachment now available. Gentle Air is engineered to be even kinder to fine hair and sensitive scalps. It diffuses the air, creating a gentle, cooler airflow, while still drying hair fast. Clients who struggle with sensitivity will love this new attachment!

Black Nickel

Bringing something new and striking to the game in 2021, the Dyson Supersonic is now available in the eyecatching Black Nickel shade, so your clients have another attractive colour choice to choose – or gift!

Contact Dyson today to order the Professional for yourself and find out the benefits of becoming a stockist. Customer Helpline: 087 807 9353

Email: dysonsales@tudortech.co.za

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