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Local Inspiration from Dorné at Dorné Hair Atelier

A perfect French Balayage from Dorné de Lange on her client, giving an incredible final result.

Click the image below to view the Instagram post.


This client's hair journey began 8 months ago and her results are truly striking.

The French Balayage technique blends with the base to create a subtle transition from the roots, resulting in a flawless gradient. Additionally, French Balayage is finished with toning and gloss for a polished look.

For this client, my first step was freehand painting with Kevin Murphy CREAM.LIGHTENER.

I followed that with a Kevin Murphy COLOR.ME GLOSS treatment.

This technique of freehand hair painting creates a natural appearance with the flexibility to range from subtle to glamorous to bold, enhancing the client's features in the most flattering way.

Stylist: Dorné de Lange

Products: Kevin Murphy

Salon: Dorné Hair Atelier

Follow Dorné on Instagram @dornehairatelier

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