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Hairnews Online: All The Latest News on the Professional Hair Industry in South Africa

What We’re About

We’re more than just an advertorial – we’re the South African hair and beauty industry’s go-to online trade information site available across 12 different social media platforms.

Our Newest Adventure – an exciting new TikTok platform presence – let’s take your brand to where the next generation is!

Advertising with maximum coverage with minimum effort.

Our Website: – All the Industry Info You Need -At Your Fingertips

  • The latest product and service info you need – updated 5 days a week

  • Brand Launches – National & International Brands

  • Exciting Brand & Creative Awards Events

  • Education & Workshop Events

  • Jobs Available Nationwide and Internationally

  • Bargaining Council updates with much needed links to your Agents, Salary guidelines and Pension Plan details

  • EOHCB – all the specifics you need as an industry employer


Daily and weekly newsletters for your immediate information value

Our newsletter has an excellent track record of opens for an exclusive B2B online trade platform.

Do you need your launch, event or classified featured nationally? Hairnews gets it to the people you want to know.

Weekly business articles and business blogs with updated industry stats to boost your salon’s bottomline and efficiency.


All releases placed permanently on our Hairnews websites with your Google-searchable keywords

3 Facebook Pages

Updated daily and weekly

Facebook Discussion Group

  • 25,000+ members – including South African stylists, barbers, salons, beauticians, spas, and many of their incredibly supportive clients who love to stay informed of current trends!

Social Media

Your brands & services featured to the salons, stylists and clients who need to know!

We at Hairnews understand the importance of promoting your brands and services and making sure your salons and stylists find the information FAST & EASILY.

Check out our website to access the tools you need.

Hairnews’ Brand and Educational One-Stop Search Tools

Where Brands and Industry Learning Centres can promote themselves and make your brands, reps and learning centres easily accessible to your market.

Just what Stylists, Salons, Barbershops and Learners Need – Where to find info fast.


Suppliers, their Brands & the Reps You Need

Get your info out there on our one-stop search engine.


Educational Institutions and Colleges Directory – The Ultimate Education Search Button

  • Colleges

  • Courses

  • Workshops

Are you running a Trade test centre? - You need to be on this Button for fast searches.


  • Does your salon need just the right team member to service your expanding clientbase demands?

  • Are you a stylist or apprentice looking for career empowerment or chair rental opportunities?

Every Hairnews Classified advert is cross-posted to this button for easy searching – publicise your salon’s needs and sell it here for the biggest exposure to attract the biggest pool of potential candidates who will fit your team!

EVENTS Everything from the Next Upcoming Spectacular International & National Creative Competitions to the Real-Time Upskilling Events & Workshops your Salon and Supply Company is Promoting.

South African stylists want to know what’s upcoming and on trend -they’re always keen to keep up with everything their clients want from them!

GSG: The Good Salon Guide

Put your salon or mobile styling literally on the map for new clients to find you.

  • your location on a handy mapping function for new clients to find a salon or service closest to them

  • hair services and specialties you provide in-salon

We take care of all maintenance, updates and changes on your salon’s page - just a quick WA or email to us and your marketing is done for you!

Hairnews Corporate Advertising Options Available

We usually publish 2 shared News Releases per day, with additional content such as classifieds, salon interviews, and /or a trending Styles piece.

Dedicated Mailers and news releases are full in-depth advertisement/ advertorials for your product/service - your chance to really sell yourself to the SA industry, set yourself apart from the rest, and make yourself the go-to supplier for salons and stylists.

All our Dedicated Mailers and News Releases are:

  • Published in the daily newsletter Hairnews and weekly Afro Hairnews

  • Newsletters: (2) Hairnews and Afro Hairnews

  • Website placements: (2) Hairnews and Afro Hairnews permanently placed with your Google-searchable keywords

  • FB Pages: (3) HN, AHN and SAHJ

    • posts, stories and reels (reels as provided or created)

  • Public Facebook Group of 25,000+ members – South African stylists, beauticians, salons, spas and their clientele

  • Instagram posts, stories and reels

  • TikTok reels

  • YouTube channel

  • Paid social media boosts for 4-6 days after initial publication

  • All design work and proofing

  • Click-through banners placed in the week(s) after the initial publication

  • Also available for corporate sponsorship with a news release or Dedicated Mailer is the Public Facebook Group Header.

Dedicated Mailers:

  • Exclusive to the advertiser for that day

  • Often lengthier than a shared news release, with more graphics, discussion, videos if available, and often reviews/testimonials.

  • Shares and paid boosts to social media included in the rate.


  • Placed at the top of both the newsletter and the website for the day of publication, usually in the days or week following the initial news release publication

  • Click through to either the associated news release/DM or to the advertiser’s preferred website landing page.

  • Offered free of charge in addition to your news release/DM in your ad package.

  • Ad hoc banners available

Sponsored Facebook Public Group Header

  • As an additional option, we can offer the weeklong sponsorship of the FB Public Group “SA Hairdressers & Beauticians in Post-Lockdown 2023”, Monday-to-Monday.

  • Very popular with suppliers as every Facebook search for hairdressers/salons by a member of the public shows your brand with the Facebook Group Title.

  • This is associated with your featured news release/DM which becomes a pinned, featured post at the top of the Group posts and is maintained there.

  • The cross-publication to the Facebook Public Group of 25,000+ members further encourages promotion to the industry’s clientele base for additional retail sales and add-on services.

Advertising Options for Discussion

We can mix and match whatever you need to put together the best, most active presentation to the industry at the rate most favourable for your budget. Option rates can vary by repetition and frequency of your news release placements – the more frequent and regular, consistent repetition, the better audience reach and traction you’ll gain more quickly!

The Hairnews Team

Contact Details


Email: Cell: 078 822 3148


Email: Whatsapp: 071 027 2225


Email: Cell: 071 875 8762


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