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Colour Inspiration Mailer: Summer 2021

After our short (two hour?) South African spring, we have launched into the warmth and light of summer! A change of season is always a great opportunity for clients to change up their hair, refresh their colour, and embrace a new look for the warmer months.

This supplement includes fabulous input and ideas from some of our biggest SA movers and shakers, with a particular focus on the sought-after seasonal blonde techniques, as well as budget-friendly ideas for clients who long for a beautiful colour but need their rands to stretch further in these challenging times! We have also looked at international trends and where creativity is moving globally.

Read, enjoy, and be inspired – we hope this supplement powers you forward into a successful and exciting season.


Product Overview

Select the colour range best suited to your salon’s creativity and clientele’s deepest desires:

  • MHB Wella Professionals: Innovative Koleston Perfect with ME+ Technology

  • Milk_shake: Bloom Collection’s Natural Perfection

  • Lime Light: Nouvelle PAINT BANG! An explosion of colour

  • HairCair: Everline One Color 1.5 - Permanent Professional Color

  • Goldwell: Light Dimensions- lightening unlimited!

  • Twincare Colorsense: The complete colour spectrum for any need

  • MHB Kadus Professional: Affordable Luxury Colours

Trend Overview – What Do The Experts Say?

Return to the 70’s – Back to Natural, Golden Sunlight, Beach Nostalgia?

  • Raeesa of Raeesa International: 2021-2022 - Sunlight and Rose Gold Hues

  • Cerése Bouwer of Cerése Hair Design: Warm Blondes, Golden Shine, and Money Pieces

  • Fatima Sayanvala of Hijabella Hair Studio: Undone Blondes, Toffee Tones and Bright Vivids

  • Corinne and Fabio Macchia of Shag high voltage hair: Violet Gold, the Blonde Journey, and Great Maintenance Products

  • Betsy Giani-Pieterse of Tint Colorlab: Creative Pink Pops and Truly Healthy Blonde Locks

  • Lakin Dos Reis of Lakin Hair: Natural, Soft and Cost-effective

  • Thomas Hills, Director of TH1 Hair, reveals his Hair Colour Predictions for SS21

Product Overview

Wella Professionals

“Koleston Perfect with ME+ is brilliant for a generation who is more attuned to what goes in and onto their body. It provides an opportunity for hairdressers to be even more professional, no matter what their level of experience is.” Rossano Ferretti, Global Ambassador, Wella Professionals

Choose KPME+ from Wella Professionals, the world’s leading salon professional colour brand.

It goes without saying that Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect is the leader in hair colour. It is the world’s first ever cream hair colourant. Also the first permanent colour in the world to eliminate harmful PPD and PPT colour molecules from its formula.

Innovative Koleston Perfect with ME+ technology is our purest colour ever and perfect for every woman who cares about her health as much as she cares about her hair.

Stock KPME+ in your salon for vibrant, long-lasting, pure colour with up to 100% grey coverage. There are more than 100 shades available ranging from deep black to sun-kissed blonde.

1 95% post-consumer recycled aluminium and 5% post-industry recycled aluminium

2 91% post-consumer recycled PP (polypropylene) and 9% colour

To stock Koleston Perfect ME+ and other Wella Professionals colour brands, place your order with your Modern Hair & Beauty sales representative or call our Telesales on 0806 104 109.

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The wait is over!

Discover 𝓑𝓵𝓸𝓸𝓶, the new concept™ collection that celebrates natural beauty.

Bloom celebrates the only tangible beauty we possess: the beauty of the present.

When personality and beauty are combined, an endless number of possibilities are created to represent women in their many facets. Just like nature, which is extraordinarily perfect when considered as a whole.

In this collection the updo is the protagonist of personal uniqueness: so romantic and feminine, it lights up the eyes and uncovers our true essence.

The strength of the shades of the earth and the light of the sun in the hair ignite the harmony of colours. The wet look is the emblem of innate beauty. Shades become imperceptible and styling is the symbol of feminine naturalness.

Contact milk_shake on:

Lime Light

Nouvelle PAINT BANG!!

Bringing the bang to your hair for this spring 2021.

Nouvelle’s Paint Bang is an Ammonia-free, semi-permanent direct hair colouring, for an eccentric and original look, to be used on bleached hair.

A true explosion of colour, that can be customized by mixing several shades.

Duration: 10 to 20 washes.

Contact us on:

Hands Down Stikland (CPT)

Address: 3 Traka Road, Stikland, Cape Town, 7530

Store Tel: 021 944 8703

Telesales: 021 944 8700

Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday 08:30-17:00;

Saturday 08:30-12:30

(closed on Sundays and public holidays)

Hands Down M5 Park (CPT)

Address: Unite 5, M5 Business Park, Eastman Road, Maitland, Cape Town, 7405

Tel: 087 092 0422

Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday 08:30-17:00;

Saturday 08:30-12:30

(closed on Sundays and public holidays)

Lime Light (JHB)

Address: Block B, Tripark, 17 Eastern Service Road, Kelvin, Sandton, 2090

Tel: 011 262 2451

Cell: 064 540 6180

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 08:00-17:00;

(closed on weekends and public holidays)


Everline One Color 1.5 - Permanent Professional Color.

One: 1.5 color is defined in 78 shades that can be mixed together.

Brilliant shades, wonderful shine, total coverage of grey hair, with the possibility to lighten up to 4 tones, gentle on hair and skin.

The innovative color line, embellished with fragrant notes of jasmine and tuberose, is formulated with specific active ingredients to guarantee and enhance color performance.

The developers range from 5 volume to 40 volume and is mixed in a ratio of 1:1.5

Contact Haircair on

Tel: +27 21 448 8847


Light Dimensions - lightening unlimited!

Are your clients concerned about the condition of their hair while lightening?

With its unsurpassed technologies and highest quality standards, Goldwell has created a whole new dimension of lightening opportunitites for you.

SILKLIFT offers the healthiest hair feel on the market. Powerful lifting performance with Anti-Yellow System for the clearest and most even results.

Incredibly hair friendly due to the integrated Bondpro+ Technology protecting and strengthening the hair fibres.

Do you struggle to create the perfect finish with your lightened result?

LIGHT DIMENSION BRIGHTENER offers customizable power toning until desired result is achieved, no matter how creative you get!

Achieve the perfect result on every canvas with Goldwell Light Dimensions!

Contact Goldwell on:

Tel:011 312 5070


The COLORSENSE palette of 105 intermixable shades of colour provide the complete colour spectrum for any need.

The synergy between the selection of the highest quality Italian pigments, combined with a special base formula of low ammonia, as well as conditioning and restructuring properties, creates the achievement of flawless and shiny cosmetic coloration while completely respecting the hair structure leaving it intact. COLORSENSE nourishes and restructures the hair while maintaining its original integrity, guaranteeing a shine and colour that lasts. Our unique results are achieved by a combination of diverse ingredients including Silk Proteins for optimum hydration and Black Pearl to deliver shine.The combination of Amber and Amethyst strengthens the hair fiber, restructuring and nourishing for longer lasting color and manageability. The cool COLORSENSE palette offers unlimited possibilities of creative coloring with groundbreaking technology. From lifting artificial levels of color to creating the softest pastel tones. COLORSENSE will inspire a new generation of colouring to all levels of hairstylists. Contact Twincare International Tel: 011 305 1600 Email: Web:

Kadus Professional

Luxurious yet affordable, Kadus Professional colour.

Kadus Professional has been an international brand since 1938. It was founded to specifically provide small salons and independent hairstylists with a range of world-class hair products to assist them in affordably expressing their creativity. Over 80 years in development and the result is colour that will exceed all your expectations – at a comfortable price!

The colour portfolio is available in permanent and demi-permanent and delivers intense results with exceptional shine. Kadus Professional is ideal for every type of client, from young and fashionable to mature and stylish.

To stock Kadus Professional colour in your salon, place your order with your Modern Hair & Beauty sales representative or call our Telesales on 0806 104 109.

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Product Overview

What do the experts say?

Raeesa of Raeesa International:

2021-2022 - Sunlight and Rose Gold Hues

We are seeing a shift toward lighter, more golden tones. Whether it’s a full head of babylights or balayage, it’s all about sunkissed shine. I have seen a big shift toward more natural looking hues across Europe, with illuminating shades like Melted Pecan, Honey Chestnut and Champagne Blonde popping up on most catwalks.

There is a strong resurgence of rose and auburn hues, with a fresh twist (no doubt influenced by The Queen’s Gambit). Think Glowy Apricot, Peach Cobbler, Copper Flame and our firm favourite -anything in the rose gold spectrum.

A great balayage placement can extend periods between salon visits, saving money versus opting for a full head of platinum babylights or thicker highlights.

One of our favourite low-maintenance blonde looks is "Greige Blonde". It is an almost flaxen, golden beige with sandy tonal highlights that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep and complements almost all skin tones.

Cerése Bouwer, owner of Cerése Hair Design Hillcrest KZN and KAO Brand Ambassador for Goldwell South Africa: Warm Blondes, Golden Shine, and Money Pieces The 70's has made an exciting comeback in 2021, hair color trends swing between grounded tones and vintage brights, blending seamlessly together to create a harmonious flow. Haircuts are soft and shaggy with no sharp lines or edges.

In terms of blonde, it’s Warm and more Warm! This Summer it's all about honey, strawberry and golden tones. Warmer blondes are my absolute favorite as they reflect light and therefore appear lighter, brighter and shinier. So say goodbye to cooler ashy blondes!

For budget-conscious clients, suggest they go for hair colors that are lower in maintenance. Work with your client’s natural color and bring it back to life with glossing / toning services. (Goldwell Colorance is a great color range for these services!) Balayage and Foilyage techniques are perfect for a sun-kissed look that won't require too frequent visits to the salon to maintain. Chunky highlights are back, and the money piece is a great technique to create some bright contouring around the face, perhaps with a customised shade of blonde to compliment your client’s skin tone, and it’s not costly to maintain.

Fatima Sayanvala of Hijabella Hair Studio: Undone Blondes, Toffee Tones and Bright Vivids I have noticed that clients have started to prefer low maintenance shades such as an undone blonde. They want that lived-in feel and minimal upkeep, changing from the platinum look to a more natural honey blonde or buttery blonde along with subtle highlights instead of a full foil. Darker shades of blonde are becoming more preferable over lighter blonds too.

I am seeing a lot of ladies coming in requesting the warmer blondes, toffee tones & coppery reds with softer face framing pieces, as well as a lot more requests for brighter vivid shades. Ladies are welcoming the bolder colors, trying out pinks and purples etc. As travel is still difficult for many, remember that new hair is as good as a holiday!

Corinne and Fabio Macchia of Shag High Voltage Hair: Violet Gold, the Blonde Journey, and Great Maintenance Products This season we have seen so many playful blondes. They want to come out and explore. More and more blondes are enjoying the Regrowth look but still having the popping money piece around the hair line.

The violet gold collection has been a big winner for me as you truly get the best of both worlds. The violet gold creates a cool blonde and the gold creates light. Don’t be afraid of the gold, peeps!

We do have clients who come in saying they just can’t afford being blonde anymore, and are thinking of going darker. We advise them against this as blonde is a journey and it just took us six months to get them the correct colour!

Instead, I normally suggest that we do a good half head of scattered baby lights to break the previous blonde line and tone it down with a good darker blonde. The maintenance on this is so minimal!

For my brunettes, reds and blondes I always recommend that we look at great aftercare for the colour to last longer. There are some really incredible, professional colour-depositing masks on the market. These are a winner for any colour!

I pray for a successful season for all the incredible stylists of South Africa. Love what you do and never work a day in your life!

Betsy Giani-Pieterse of Tint Colorlab: Creative Pink Pops and Truly Healthy Blonde Locks I am seeing a lot more guests experimenting with creative colour, especially lots of pinks in all depths and levels. Trying something fun by adding Creative or Fashion color is a way to change their look without having to do something extreme that they might regret! Talk to your guest about adding a pop of color for summer. You’ll be surprised how much they will love it.

From pastels to vivids, from demi to direct - there are so many ways of doing a fashion color that can last from 1 week to 10 weeks.

We have so many amazing products on retail to help care for our blonde bombshells that I have to say there really isn't any excuse to not have incredible healthy blonde locks. Encourage your clients that what is super important is keeping hair at its healthiest by using the correct homecare and regular treatments.

For clients on a budget I often suggest a balayage or a root smudge as those colors have softer demarcation lines when growing out, and can be maintained with only a touch up. You can switch up a whole look by simply adding a "Money Piece” to the hairline.

I love to be part of this incredible journey of new discoveries of what we can do with hair and colour!

Beach waves and Sandy beige or warm blondes. We’re moving away completely from the incredible light, grey or ash blondes. We’re going into the soft face-framing baby lights all in a beige and sandy tones. No more of the whiter and brighter colours.

With your fashionable hair trends being soft and natural colours and styles, it’s becoming extremely cost effective for clients because it’s still fashionable to have a natural balayage technique in your colour. And with its natural tones, people don’t have to spend extra on keeping their blondes white. The “silver shampoos” are doing it enough justice to keep away the copper tones. Even though some clients are cash strapped, these colours alone are cost effective.

Thomas Hills, Director, TH1 Hair, reveals his Hair Colour Predictions for SS21


Fluorescent lit up the runways last season, and this season the trend was intensified to an all-over glow. Here hair complemented the psychedelic style of the clothing, for some laid back 70s hippy chic. I created this look as part of my Wink collection, and I predict that clients will look for the endless possibilities by switching up their colour using more creative pastel tones for SS21, in a bid to bring lightness into the new season.


My love of textured hair is no secret, and while I’m a big fan of how texture can help lift and dominate a style, I also love how colour can be used to truly accentuate the look. I predict highlighted and coloured curls will be big this season, on both European and Afro hair, with clients embracing their natural hair texture, and highlighting select curls to really enhance their natural curl pattern for full effect. I created these faded pastel-coloured curls with the movement in the picture really showcasing just how bold this style can look. I predict this will be a huge hit this forthcoming season.


One of the surprise colour hits of the new SS21 season was the inky black hair colour trend. Usually associated with the darker, winter months, the trend was showcased at a host of seasonal shows where the easy breezy colour palettes of seasons past faded into more muted tones – perhaps a visual representation of 2020. I created this super dark, rich global colour for this look from my Wink collection. I love the solid, yet one-dimensional, display of bold blue-black, worn – as it should be – in a sharp strong cut for a serious style.

TH1 HAIR: was launched by multi award-winning hairstylist, Thomas Hills, in 2004. Located in a prime spot in the heart of Oxted, Surrey, the Revlon Professional affiliated salon boasts a talented team of eight stylists, proficient in cutting, styling and technical ability and dedicated to delivering exemplary customer care. Director Thomas is also the 2020 British Hairdressing Awards Southern Hairdresser of the Year.

To learn more about TH1 Hair:

Twitter: @Th1hair

Facebook: @th1hair

Instagram: @th1hairofoxted


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