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Colour Inspiration 2022

Spring has sprung already with fabulous blooms, sunshine and warm temps inspiring your clients and your creativity!

Our 2022 Colour Supplement is here to showcase the exciting Spring launches of our awesome local South African suppliers and share the fascinating ideas on current trends from our favourite brand ambassadors and educators. And we take a good look at what’s happening on the international talent scene in hair and beauty – where the incredibly creative SA stylists keep on point with the latest to keep winning on the global awards stage.

It's all about upskilling and education on what’s the latest and current in hair fashion, with fresh ideas and timely insights from top local and international trendsetters and educators, that will help you to create colours and trends according to every budget. Let’s keep our clients happy, loyal and fully satisfied!

Be inspired!


Product Overview

What fits your salon’s and your clients’ needs the most?

  • Twincare: Paul Mitchell Launches The Demi Pearl Series

  • Twincare: KEVIN.MURPHY Introduces 3 New Multi-Tonal COPPER.INTENSE SHADES

  • Twincare: Joico – LUMISHINE LUMI 10 The Power of TEN

  • Milk_shake: A World of Colouring

  • Goldwell: New Colorance Gloss Tones - Next-Level Blonde

  • MHB Wella Professionals: Koleston Perfect – Global #1 Bestseller

  • MHB Wella: New Kadus Professional TONEPLEX Hair Masks

  • Keune: Heavenly Luminous Semi Permanent Color

  • Nebeau: Inebrya Permanent Colour – The Italian Sense of Hair

  • Nebeau: Megix|10 – Time-saving Colour in as little as 10 Minutes

  • ToDyeFor: Vibrancy with No Damage

  • HMH: Explore your Potential with Cramer Color System

  • Rapple: Silky - Coloration Color Vive & Color Ultralift

Summer 2022-2023 Overview - The Experts Talk Trends

  • Jadie Herbst - Salon Owner, Jadie Professionals, Bloemfontein & Wella Brand Ambassador

  • Dean Karageorgiades - Co-owner of All Hair Solutions, South African distributors for Keune & Pivot Point

  • Kimberleigh Gailey - Goldwell Blonde Expert & Educator with Kao Salon Division I South Africa

  • Charles Junior Louw - Senior Stylist at Excentric on Kloof, Cape Town & Wella Brand Ambassador

  • Flo Neacsu - Salon Owner, Excentric on Kloof, Cape Town & Wella Brand Ambassador

  • Top International Trends - RUSH Hair & Beauty

Twincare: Paul Mitchell Launches The Demi Pearl Series

LAUNCHING SOON…. Introducing Paul Mitchell’s The Demi Pearl Series. Three shades of creamy, pink-pearl tones that are delicate, timeless, and refine blondes while eliminating unwanted warmth. The Demi offers versatile toning on pre-lightened hair and are ideal for refreshing and refining. The Pearls series is formulated with pure tone and contain no background color. Shades include the softest red/violet (7P), delicate pinky-rose pearl (9P) and barely-there creamy pearl (10). 7P (7/8) is versatile enough to soften unwanted warmth at the same or similar level, resulting in a soft chocolatey tone, or it can be used on lighter blonde levels to deposit a pinky-rose fashion tone.  9P (9/8) refines unwanted yellow tones, resulting in a balanced blonde. On lighter levels, a soft pearl tone is revealed. 10P (10/8) is the ultimate refiner on the lightest levels, depositing a whisper of creamy pink tonality.    Paul Mitchell - Twincare International Tel: +27 11 305 1600 Email: Web:

Twincare: KEVIN.MURPHY Introduces 3 New Multi-Tonal COPPER.INTENSE SHADES


“COPPER.INTENSE is energising, rejuvenating, and powerful, with three new SHADES 6.44, 8.44 and 10.44 completing and creating opportunities for long lasting, bold, bright copper shades for all depths.”

- Kate Reid, COLOR.ME Design Director

The temperature is rising with COPPER.INTENSE, 3 new multi-tonal SHADES inspired by the sun setting over the Australian iron rich desert sand. Symbolising warmth, joy, and energy, these SHADES will reflect client’s shining personalities and invite them to embark on a bold new hair adventure. From the untamed Australian landscape right to your salon, we introduce the .44 SHADES to add an intense copper reflect to heat up the darkest hair to the lightest blonde.

Contact a KEVIN.MURPHY Business Developer for more information.

Twincare International

Tel: 011 305 1600

Twincare: Joico – LUMISHINE LUMI 10 The Power of TEN

Time is money - make every minute count with NEW…

This professional permanent hair color is formulated with our Quick Coverage System ™ to deliver 100% gray coverage and many more services in just 10 minutes while also achieving up to 2X the shine.

Now you can make time for more clients while still expecting the same predictable results from the LumiShine® collection.

This fast-acting range of rich and deeply pigmented shades offers long-lasting color, designed to increase your creativity and efficiency with speedy results. Last-minute walk-in? No problem.

LUMI10 is here to help you and your clients reach your full-coverage poTENtial.

Twincare International

Tel: 011 305 1600

milk_shake – z-one concept®

A world of colouring designed by milk_shake®

The new generation of milk_shake® formulas give a natural, creative, radiant and healthy result. A unique sensorial hair colouring experience for beautiful, healthy hair. The purity and strength of nature is expressed through delicate hair colour with a conditioning cosmetic base and active ingredients that respect the hair, conditioning the shaft and protecting the scalp and hair during the professional colouring treatment.

For visibly radiant, glossy, soft and manageable hair with intense, long-lasting colour.

Your every colour service need is catered to:

permanent & semi_permanent colours

• innovative and delicate formulas for intense and radiant colour that respects the hair.

direct colour & exclusive colour services

• creative chromatic effects for shiny and radiant hair colour tones.


• technology and nature combined to satisfy all hair lightening needs

oxidizing emulsions

• specific revealers for maximum colour expression with perfect results to protect the hair.

colour specifics

• Specific treatments to enhance and complete colouring treatments.

Make colour perfect.


Natural beauty

Be Inspired by Nature

Contact milk_shake on:

Goldwell: Next-Level Blonde - New Colorance Gloss Tones


New colorance gloss tones

Luminous blonde results that last 41% longer.* Superior shine and maximum performance in just 10 minutes. Color toning doesn’t get any better or faster than this.

Now available in Clear and 15 beautiful shades of blonde.

* Compared to one of the leading competitors.


Color for everyone. Every stylist. Every client. Every service.

Perfect for every stylist. From Newcomer to Master. Colorance is easy to use, easy to apply and, most importantly, easy to understand.

Perfect for every client. The Fearless, the Fashionable and the First-timer. Colorance works beautifully on all hair types and textures and delivers outstanding shine.

Perfect for every color service.** Colorance delivers incredible results every time. Leaves hair feeling and looking its best

** Based on a thorough consultation and appropriate hair condition.

A color that repairs? It’s true.

Goldwell continues to deliver innovation by perfectly coloring and repairing hair in one step.

Explore the full portfolio and discover endless possibilities |

Goldwell is part of Kao Salon Division

Making life beautiful for salons, stylists and their clients.

Contact details:

Tel: 011 312 5070

MHB Wella Professionals: Koleston Perfect – Global #1 Bestseller

Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect is the world’s best-selling permanent professional hair colour and continues to set the benchmark – one tube is purchased every second globally!

Koleston Perfect with ME+ technology is the first permanent colour in the world to eliminate harmful PPD and PPT colour molecules from its formula. It is perfect for every woman who cares about her health as much as she cares about her hair.

Breakthrough Technologies

Pure, balanced colour results with natural depth and shine

ME+ reduces the risk of developing a new allergy to hair colour1

Reduces the formation of free radicals for irresistible hair quality2

Free of animal derived ingredients3


Up to 100% grey coverage

Up to 5 levels of lift

Simple 1:1 mixing ratio

ME+ is present in specific shades of Pure Naturals, Rich Naturals, Vibrant Reds, Special Blondes and Deep Browns

Eco-friendly, Sustainable Packaging

Recycled and recyclable aluminium hair colour tubes consume 66% less energy than producing from scratch and makes Wella the sustainable choice. Cardboard packaging can be recycled. Koleston Perfect, Illumina Color and Color Touch caps are made from 91-100% recycled materials, and they are also recyclable.

Get Wella Professional colour for your salon

To stock Wella Professionals colour in your salon call MHB Telesales on 0860 104 109 or contact your Modern Hair & Beauty sales representative.

Skill-up with the award-winning MHB Education Team

Click here to find out more about Wella Education seminars, workshops and free online classes.

1 For people not allergic to hair colourants

2 Koleston Perfect with Pure Balance Technology

3 Except Koleston Perfect Special Blonde

Wella Professionals

Modern Hair & Beauty

MHB Wella: New Kadus Professional TONEPLEX Hair Masks

New Kadus TONEPLEX colour pigmented hair masks combine the best of Kadus colour and care technologies.

The dermatologically tested formula counteracts colour fading and damage on hair generally caused by exposure to the sun, hot and salt water, chlorine and heat. Colour pigment is deposited to the hair to eliminate unwanted tones and revive the colour.

Advanced Kadus PRO-PLEX Technology with maleic Acid strengthens the hair bonds to prevent further damage. With regular use of TONEPLEX between appointments, your clients will quickly discover the remarkable difference to the longevity of their colour, and the strength of their hair – as if by magic!

Gentle Formula

Kadus TONEPLEX masks are gentle: formulated with no peroxide, no ammonia, no silicones, and no animal derived ingredients. This formula makes it ideal for all types of colour clients, from the mildly conscious to the most health and environmentally conscious.

Stock Kadus Professional in your salon

To stock Kadus Professional in your salon call MHB Telesales on 0860 104 109 or contact your Modern Hair & Beauty sales representative.

Skill-up with the award-winning MHB Education Team

Click here to find out more about Kadus Education seminars, workshops and free online classes.


Modern Hair & Beauty

Keune: Heavenly Luminous Semi Permanent Color

The demi-permanent shades of Semi Color are based on a unique, scientifically advanced formula for gorgeous shine and superior conditioning. Created to deliver heavenly luminous and silky smooth hair. What can you expect from Keune Semi Color? A complete range of colors – 75 shades. Endless color possibilities and creative options. Vegan, gluten-free and ammonia-free formula. Long-lasting color result (up to 24 washes). Smooth and soft hair. Up to 70% grey blending. Very easy to apply, thanks to the creamy base. Incredible shine* boosted by the unique Shine Complex, based on mirasil infused with Sea Buckthorn. Deep conditioning** driven by the nourishing complex, based on cocamide infused with Sea Silk. *Up to 67% more shine compared to untreated hair, based on instrumental tests ** Up to 55% more smoothness compared to untreated hair, based on instrumental tests Semi color is the perfect choice for a wide variety of services and client needs, including: First-time color on virgin hair. A tone-on-tone hair color, with optimal grey blending. Freshening mid-length and ends, in combination with a regrowth treatment using Tinta color. Creating pastel tints on lightened hair. When your client wants to go darker. When your client wants to cover those first grey hairs. When your client wants shiny colored hair in the mildest way. When no lift is needed. Keune Semi Color now has 3 new complexes for even greater condition, shine and care Nourishing Complex with Cocamide & Sea Silk Shine Complex with Sea Buckthorn & Mirasil Soothing Complex with Boswellia Serrata Gum & Bisabalol Semi Color’s versatile formula comes in a stunning packaging and offers endless possibilities. Semi color will bring out the best in you and your clients! Websites: Instagram: For more information contact: Phone: 082 787 8105 Email:

Nebeau: Inebrya Permanent Colour – The Italian Sense of Hair

Inebrya offers you long-lasting cosmetic colour, while giving softness, brightness and shine to the hair.

The Inebrya permanent colour range:

118 vibrant nuances PLUS 10 acid based demi toners

Now includes 3 new colours in the Royal Blue range and 3 colours under the Cherry Violet spectrum

PpD free

100% grey coverage.

Our new brand image and packaging represents the femininity and sensuality that the range personifies.

Recycling and sustainability: The box is now 100% compostable, made from sustainable recycling and forestry to assist in preserving the environment. The tube is made from 100% recycled aluminium and the size of the cap was reduced to save on the use of plastic.

For prices and bulk specials, please WhatsApp us on 018 468 1001 or

Follow us on:

Instagram: @Nebeausa

Nebeau: Megix|10 – Time-saving Colour in as little as 10 Minutes


saves up to 70% on time per service compared to traditional colour,

while still giving you brilliance shine and 100% grey coverage, in as little as 10 minutes!

Colour in as little as 10 Minutes – Maximise your Salon’s Day

Clients can be in and out of the salon in as little as 30 minutes, allowing you to fit in more clients in a shorter space of time, thus increasing sales, or having more time to spend with family and friends. Furthermore, because of the significant reduction in processing time, clients are less exposed to chemicals, thus reducing the risk of developing scalp sensitivities or allergies.

86 astonishing shades

6 high-lifters

a total of 92 colours to choose from.

Also, with the use of Megix|MorpH, turn any Megix|10 nuance into an acidic demi-toner. No need to stock any additional colour lines.

Unlike other fast-colour ranges, Megix|10 is not progressive, meaning that the result will not become darker if left on longer than 10 minutes.

For prices and bulk specials, please WhatsApp us on 018 468 1001 or

Follow us on:

Instagram: @Nebeausa

Facebook: @Nebeau

ToDyeFor – Vibrancy with No Damage Vibrant colours and absolutely NO damage to your hair. Just mix with conditioner. A great addition to any salon.

For salon and stylist special pricing contact Mandy 066 218 7092 or

Currently we are bursting at the seams with supplies to salons.

Mandy Pollock

Tel: 066 218 7092

HMH: Explore your Potential with Cramer Color System

Cramer Color - Permanent Hair Color

Cramer Color delivers long-Lasting, impeccable results and maximum coverage of stubborn, hard to cover grey hair.

Expand Your Comfort Zone

Thanks to the exclusive Shield technology low ammonia levels and coconut oil, Cramer Color System lets you explore and achieve the full potential of each shade, breathe life into each highlight and personalise each color, safe in the knowledge that the result will be unique and always perfect.

Innovative Shield Technology

The innovative Shield technology acts by way of special shielding intermediates contained in the colouring cream. These prevent the color intermediates from oxidising prematurely.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a key ingredient that gives the Cramer Color system some of its more peculiar characteristics for pleasant fluidity and maximum coverage.

Creamy texture

Mixes instantly

Easy and smooth application

Maximum coverage

Hydrates hair and highlights the colour

All shades are intermixable

100ml Permanent hair colour tube

HMH Hair Care

Roylin Hairdressing Suppliers CC

“Together we create Beauty”

Tel: 011 665 5221

Tel: 011 953 1955

Instagram: @hmhhaircare

Rapple: Silky - Coloration Color Vive & Color Ultralift

Silky responds specifically to the needs and wishes of modern customers:




Silky offers everything necessary for a healthy, always up-to-date look.

Product systems are an easy-to-use structure for both the hairdresser and the end consumer. Start giving your hair the care it deserves and feel and see the difference instantly. Discover our new Coloration with equimolar color vive technology: perfect quantities of primary and secondary colors for safe, zero-waste coloring.

Paraben free ⚗️, vegan friendly 🍂 and cruelty-free 🐰.

Contact Details:

Cape Town Showroom:

CPT Whatsapp: 064 140 1799

Tel: 021 981 0032

Address: 313 Durban Road

Unit 3 (Ground Floor) Suntyger Tyger Valley

Bellville, Cape Town, 7530

Pretoria Showroom:

PTA Whatsapp: 062 017 4615

Tel: 012 345 3066

Address: 59 Jakaranda Street

Unit 4, Hennopspark

Centurion, Pretoria, 0172

Summer 2022-2023 – the Experts Talk Trends

Jadie Herbst – Salon Owner, Jadie Professionals, Bloemfontein & Wella Brand Ambassador

Colour Trends

What do you see as the biggest colour trend this summer?

I’m still seeing a lot of balayage and expensive brunette, lived-in colours that I think will carry through to 2023. A hair colour cannot be determined by trends only, but I’m seeing a lot of lilac and pink, gold/copper warm colours are predicted too, tying in with the strawberry blonde and rich hazelnut expensive brunette trends.

The 70’s blonde is very hot for the new season/year. Layered textures of blonde, multi-dimensional blonde and shadow-rooted is popular, while strawberry blonde is featuring a lot, tying in with the hints of pink that’s trending.

As for reds, to be honest I think more copper than red, with a lot of golden coppers, strawberry blondes and rich warm copper shades, very 70’s. Referring to red specifically, deep violet-based reds are predicted to be very popular and trendy.

Do you think high fashion colours will be more popular or not so popular this season?

I’ve seen a lot of colour in trend predictions, a lot of pink, and rainbow hair is trending again, with pink, blue, green and purple is featuring a lot for 2023. For the right client it will be popular, but I still feel like the majority of clients are looking to spend their money on low maintenance lived-in colour. high fashion colours are very high maintenance.

Some clients are on a tighter budget. What are your suggestions for more affordable options for fabulous colour and maintenance ideas?

Lived-in colour, with strategic foil placement, too, which stretches out colour appointments, allowing clients come in every 3 to 4 months, so it’s easier for a client to budget and save up for hair appointments. A critical point is good professional aftercare which prolongs any colour at home.

Do you have clients who are undecided about letting their grey grow out? What can you tell them?

For sure, it can be daunting deciding to “embrace the grey” but having the right balance between natural greys and some colour is all a client needs. I personally think 100% natural grey can make a client look older, so incorporating colour techniques like balayage and strategic foil placement for lived-in colour and super low maintenance can make a worlds difference to natural grey hair. Babylights or airtouch foils with brighter pops of blonde can be stunning but low maintenance. Adding in some ultra-fine and natural lowlights can work too, mimicking the natural grey pattern but enhancing it, so it’s not so dull.

Dean Karageorgiades - Co-owner of All Hair Solutions, South African distributors for Keune & Pivot Point

Hair color trends to look forward to in 2023

As a hair colorist today, in the post COVID years, we need to read the signs of what the market is looking for where hair color is concerned. They are as follows:




More natural tones



In lockdown, we saw how readily the world adapted to the lack of human presence in cities around the planet, giving us hope that nature can heal itself if we let it. This gave us a new appreciation for the rest of the life living with us on planet earth. This in turn helped us embrace more environmentally responsible brands and products, in fact, boosting the demand for such products and in response, a lot of people embraced natural looking hair, especially going grey. People also want services and products that are less harmful to the environment.


Green washing is a marketing ploy to reel in less informed people, that the products they are purchasing are safe and green. This is not always the case.

Sustainability speaks to the entire life of a product from raw ingredients to the disposal of the finished item. Both the environment and sustainability are becoming more and more of a concern to the well-informed consumer and they therefore require us to stock, and work with, hair color products that responsibly vanish into the environment without harm to plant and animal life, ours included!

Be sure to choose hair color products that are sustainable if you want to attract more aware clients.


Richness of color means the depth of tone, either warm or cool tones. I have found that when a client requests a warmer color, she generally means she wants a richer tone. Don’t be afraid to boost the underlying tones with concentrates to help you achieve the richness of her color. Always remember, don’t color hair for the fashionable result if that result contradicts her skin tone. You are the expert! Guide your clients to what will suit them best.

Natural Tones

By this, I don’t mean base colors here. Browns are richer. Think wood colors and earthen tones. Reds are deeper into autumnal reds and golds and Blondes are more sun-bleached looking. All these new subtle changes to your colors will be easy to shift your clients color choice into something less dramatic, but no less powerful, when you speak of a change of color.


Don’t be afraid of trying new techniques and products. Highlights evolved into Ombre, which evolved into Balayage… there’s always something new out there to excite your clients and save you from repetition. As an artist, it’s a basic requirement that you paint new pictures. Hair is your canvas!


2023 is going to be a rich ride into color, honing your color skills now will prepare you for the year ahead. Never forget the importance of skin tones when choosing a great color.

Kimberleigh Gailey - Goldwell Blonde Expert & Educator with Kao Salon Division I South Africa

What do you predict this summer’s biggest trends in blonde will be?

Spring has sprung and clients are emerging from hibernation, giving us an opportunity to do foils and lift their regrowths. I do, however, feel most balayage clients are moving back to having a full blonde look again, while the more budget conscious clients are keeping the balayage “regrowth look”.

Creative multidimensional blondes will be the trend for blondes this upcoming summer with a combination of warmer and cooler tones. The warmer we go in toners, the lighter and brighter the result will be and the cooler/ashy toners can make the hair darker and duller, so having a combination of both adds interest to the final result.

Blondes should not be afraid of warmth - having a pastel warm toner is absolutely stunning.

Shine is also a must have for all blondes, blondes generally lack shine, so adding a glaze or gloss service to your service menu is a great option. Clear in our demi-permanent segment (Colorance) and or adding a few drops of our PurePigments to assist with cancelling out unwanted warmth or adding a few drops of @yellow to give additional shine and a slight warmth to those warmer blondes. We also have Clear from our new Gloss tones assortment, shine in just 10 minutes, all mixed with our Colorance 2% lotion, no lifting or shifting of natural hair.

What would be your advice be for stylists who have budget conscious colour clients?

As we know consultation is key, this is where we can have a discussion with clients and find out what their budgets are and how frequent they can visit the salon. Blonde is a high maintenance colour and I also personally find that blondes are more educated on hair then we give them credit for.

As a budget option, at Goldwell we have a Silklift control Ash and or Pearl that contains a direct dye pigment, meaning we can bleach and tone in one step, leaving the tone more stabilized.

Another great option for this budget conscious clients is the balayage, a trend we have had for a while now but it’s the easiest way to be on trend but don’t have to break the bank every 6-8 weeks to cover a regrowth, adding a money piece or face framing for more interest, this can also grow out beautifully into the existing balayage. Full on scalp bleaching would not be an option for these types of client as an example.

Getting these types of clients back into the salon, you could offer them a mini balayage, which is just the top veil of the head (crown area) and redo the face frame so they wouldn’t need to do a full balayage every time they visit the salon.

Charles Junior Louw - Senior Stylist at Excentric on Kloof, Cape Town & Wella Ambassador

What do you see as the biggest colour trend this summer?

Hair always needs to complement clothing trends.

I would definitely say that the clothing industry Pantones for this coming summer is - fiery red, beetroot purple, tangelo, peach pink, empire yellow, crystal rose, classic green, love bird, blue perrenial and summer song. The reason I'm bringing up the fashion world of clothing is it's telling me exactly where we are heading and staying for summer 2022/2023 in the hair industry.

This leads to my top trends for hair colour this coming summer:

1. Chocolate and caramel balayage - perfect look for those sunkissed browns.

2. Strawberry blondes - ready to have hair like Nicole Kidman or Amy Adams? Then this look is just right for you!

3. Golden copper - This is basically equal parts of sexy and playful, but also as expensive as a blonde to maintain, so just bear in mind when deciding on copper tones.

4. Icy blonde and platinum blondes - Icy platinum blonde will always remain a favourite: this colour is and will always be timeless like a well cut classic bob.

5. Orange hair - this is the perfect showstopper for this summer. There are so many shades to choose from that you will never get bored

6. Midnight blue - If you're mysterious and want to bold, this look would be perfect to bring out that inner rebel for this coming summer!

7. Louis Vitton brunette - nothing looks more rich than the richness of the tones and the shine.

8. Bronde - is this blonde or brown? Have you ever heard of this shade? It's been making its rounds the last few summers BUT this summer especially it will be a look not to be missed out on!

9. Golden blonde - Bringing back that 70s sun-kissed hipster colour is exactly where you want to head as a natural blonde this coming summer

Golden blonde, icy blonde and golden copper are definitely the blonde trends for this summer.

All these looks are complimentary to the clothing industry and it's exactly where I would be heading for the trends of this coming summer.

Do you think of the popularity of high fashion colours this season and what would you say the most sought after fashion shades will be?

I definitely think fashion shades will still be big. They would just be best complimented with clothes that are less bright. In this way you can definitely be part of the trend. Hair colours I would go for would be:

Fiery red

Beetroot purple


Peach pink (but slowly fading its way out of the trend)

Empire yellow

Crystal rose

Classic green

Love bird green

Blue perennial

Summer song blue

For those clients on a tighter budget, what are your suggestions for more affordable options for fabulous colour and maintenance ideas?

This is a difficult question to answer, as we all know you get what you pay for. But if I was on a tight budget, I would stick to browns which are the least maintained colour that you can get. Have some extra cash lying around? Spend it on some caramel streaks to make the brown pop.

Flo Neacsu - Salon Owner, Excentric on Kloof, Cape Town & Wella Brand Ambassador

What are your thoughts on 2022-2023 Summer Expectations?

Biggest colour trend I think will be warm reds are a huge trend that is growing fast. And I've noticed also a growth towards the warmer tones, like caramel, rich brunettes, honey blondes, and so on.

And what do you think this summer’s biggest trends in blonde will be?

Soft and multidimensional warm blondes, using a lot the airtouch technique and foilayage. There are also a lot of clients wanting the very light platinum, almost white hair color.

What shades of red do you suggest being most sought after this season?

Shades of red: definitely Vibrant and warmer Reds, like copper, orange and intense red.

Do you think high fashion colours will be doing this season - what would you say the most sought-after fashion shades will be?

High Fashion Colors are always popular for the "trendsetter" type of clients, but the biggest concern with this semi-permanent colors is that they can stain the hair and it becomes very difficult to remove and change. That's why I noticed a drop in those requests and when they ask for them, it's usually in a more pastel form, so it completely washes out from the hair until their next visit, when we can change the colour.

For the clients are on a tighter budget, what are your suggestions for more affordable options?

When colour is on a budget, the "money piece" can enhance any color and it is a quick but very effective service. A very good option for the clients that have natural grey hair and want a color with lower maintenance is the Illumina grey blending.

Do you have clients who are undecided about letting their grey grow out? What would you suggest for them?

The best way to grow the natural grey is to do grey blending. This coloring technique blends the dark hair with the natural grey, so it doesn't look like "salt and pepper". Most women are enjoying their grey when it's over 75% grey to the natural ratio and they say they "feel old" when it's below that percentage because of the "salt and pepper" look. My advice is to try and work with the grey, instead of against it.

Top International Trends – RUSH Hair & Beauty



When the sun comes out or we’re making plans for our summer holiday, thoughts very quickly turn to hair colour and one hair colour in particular - Blonde!

In fact, there are so many shades and tones of blonde there’s one to suit everyone, giving every skin tone and hair colour the opportunity to lighten up. No one wants to have a brassy blonde or lightened hair that looks dull and tired. “A recent trend with blondes has been the Luxe Blonde, “says Tina Farey, Editorial Director of Rush Hairdressing. “By Luxe we mean expensive looking, well executed colour placement whether it’s highlights or Balayage and well-conditioned, cut and styled hair. All of these elements create the Luxe Blonde.”

Balayage has been exceptionally popular with clients. Especially coming out of lockdown, with colour having grown out many clients have embraced this, but that was then, and this is now, and healthy blonde hair is the big hair trend of the summer. Clients can keep their balayaged locks but visit their hairdresser regularly to keep them in check. “A few packets of foils introducing some highlights or lowlights or to create a face framing money piece can lift clients balayage from drab to dazzling,“ adds Rush expert colourist Seung Ki Baek. “The key to having a stunning colour is maintaining the health of the hair. Conditioning products such as masks, leave in conditioners, serums and oils are all important in making hair colour stand out. Nothing looks as good as healthy shiny hair, and I recommend to all my clients the importance of a hair regime that includes regular treatments and trims, as well as colour updates.

Highlights have always been popular, and we’ve seen a resurgence of the highlighted blonde throughout the spring into the early summer months. There’s so much choice for highlighted blondes – from subtle natural blondes lightened a few shades to sun bleached blondes and baby blonde tones. Always discuss with your client which blonde will suit their hair and skin tone best. Be realistic with your client on what is achievable and the process.

Following their blonde colour appointment clients must ensure their colour is well looked after and that they get their hair cut on a regular basis. “Even if it is only a trim every 6-8 weeks this will help prevent split ends and damage, “says Tina. “Clients should also use a heat protection spray when drying the hair and avoid overusing dryers, irons and tongs. A great way to add movement to longer hair is to style dry the hair and then use Velcro Rollers to create some volume and movement. This is less damaging to the hair and they also looks pretty cool when getting ready or sitting by the pool! A few drops of serum or oil when brushing out smooths out the ends and gives a shimmering shine to the hair”

Clients should let their hair make a statement this summer, whether they decide to go full on blonde or dip their toe into the water with a few highlights or a subtle balayage, there’s a blonde for everyone and yes, they do have more fun.

Tina’s Top Tips for keeping Blonde looking Luxe.

Clients should visit the salon at least once a month for a treatment.

Clients should invest in good aftercare and professional products that really do work!

Clients should use a silver or purple toned shampoo to get rid of brassiness. Although be sure to advise your clients to be careful whilst using these products, as they can build up and can often be harsher on the hair. Advise clients to only use these once per week and always follow up with a treatment afterwards.

Don’t over work hair that’s fragile and avoid using too much bleach

Advise clients to always use a heat protector - that goes without saying!

Advise clients that if they want to tie their hair back, to use a fabric tie rather than an elastic that can put too much tension on the hair


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