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Business Blog 5 June 2023: If There is a Silver Bullet in Business, It Has to Be "Attitude"

Often used as a stick by adults to beat up younger people who don't do what they're told (a whole different conversation), attitude is the beginning, the middle and the end when we're talking about success.

Unfortunately, there is no school that teaches attitude, and it's not something you can buy online.

How do You Attain the Right “Attitude”?

While you can’t buy it, you can grow it and cultivate it, and make it part of your personal success story. In fact, once you develop a PMA or positive mental attitude you can achieve anything you want.

So how do we develop a positive mental attitude?

Through Mind Power. Or focusing your mind on positive rather than negative things.

I must warn you that it is easier to think negatively than positively which is why we have to grow and cultivate the power to think positively until it becomes automatic, like a habit.


Be grateful for what you have, whether it's by prayer, or positive thinking.

  • Be grateful for the fact that you woke up this morning, some people didn't;

  • be grateful that you have a job to go to, some people don't;

  • be thankful for your 2-3 meals a day, many people don't know where the next meal is coming from!

I think you get the idea.

Think Forward

It's difficult not to keep looking in the rear view mirror even though we are supposed to be going forward. So if you didn't have such a good day yesterday, don't start the new day remembering what went wrong yesterday. Rather start the day on a blank page and train your memory to only remember your successes and build the day on positive things.

Carpe Diem.

This exercise should be done everyday before you start interacting with people.

So, in a nutshell, attitude starts with gratitude. This is what I like to call "dressing for success".

If you are wearing nothing but a positive mental attitude you will not fail.

Remember Gratitude creates Attitude and attitude lead so Altitude (Success).

- Terry Miles, MD of My Salon Software


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