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Biosense Cryotherapy: Revolutionary Cold Therapy Hair Treatment

Biosense proudly launches Cryotherapy: an innovative cold rejuvenation treatment that protects and repairs hair and improves hair loss. Cryotherapy is derived from the science of Cryogenics.

The benefits of this powerful treatment include:

• It improves blood circulation to the scalp aiding with hair loss as circulation is increased to the hair follicle.

• It seals the hair cuticles, making hair smoother and shiny as tighter cuticles reflect light.

• The treatment is potent because it not only shields the hair against damage (natural, chemical, and environmental), but it also repairs destroyed hair cuticle fibres; especially cuticles damaged through decolorization or lack of hydration and care.

• It helps speed up the transfer of nutrients to the hair and more importantly, it increases the hair’s absorption potential, allowing hair strands to capture higher levels of critical nutrients.

• It provides your client with a conditioning, relaxing treatment, as well as an opportunity for you to increase your turnover within the salon and add value to your client’s visit!

This treatment is new, exciting, different and above all, it gives fabulous results! Introduce Biosense Cryotherapy as part of your salon’s offering today. Contact the Biosense team for more info or to order.

Email: lindzeyt@twincare.co.za

Tel: 011 305 1600

Web: www.twincare.co.za/biosense

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