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Advice for Would-be Blondes from Tamah Patel Hairstylist

Everyone wants to be blonde, but there’s more to it than just making the decision!

Tamah Patel salon in Linden, Jhb, addressed this in a fabulous Instagram post, along with a gorgeous style of course!

Here’s the professional advice to those considering the blonde journey.

As much as BLONDE is BEAUTIFUL it is also a COMMITMENT‼️

Questions you need to ask yourself before going blonde?

➡️ 1. Will blonde hair suit my complexion? If Yes what shade of blonde is suitable for me?

➡️ 2. What type of lifestyle do I live?

➡️ 3. What is the integrity of my hair? Can it handle going blonde?

➡️ 2. Am I willing to put in effort into a styling routine?

➡️ 3. Can I afford the maintenance of being blonde? How often do I want to be in the salon and can I afford the aftercare products?

➡️ 4. Do I have grey hair to cover up?

➡️ 5. How committed am I when it comes to colouring my hair?

To all my fellow hairstylists out their please share in the comments what questions you ask your clients before turning them into blondes! 💖





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