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7 Ways to Engage With Your Clients for Better Customer Service

Associated Hair Professionals has presented a fabulous reminder of the basics on how to really engage with your clients for exceptional customer service. Warm relationships with your clients will encourage them to come back again and again to experience the soothing, friendly and relaxing environment you can offer them. It’s all about making your salon their trusted sanctuary where they can enjoy the experience and leave happy with their transformation and re-energised to meet the world!

AHP’s Customer Service Checklist for your Salon:

1. A smile is worth a thousand words.

A smile projects positive body language and lets your client know you are happy to see them. Even when you might be having a bad day, a genuine smile improves your mood and reminds you to be aware of how you come across with your words and actions.

2. Call your client by name often.

If the client is new to you, address them using a courtesy title: “Ms. Betty (or Mr. Ben), how are you today?” When you become more familiar with the client, you can start using their first name.

3. Remember that your clients are your guests.

How would you treat them if they came to your home? When they arrive, offer to take their coat and ask if they would like a glass of water or a cup of hot tea. Make sure they know where the restrooms are, just in case.

4. A two-handed handshake

This is a warm way to greet your clients and a simple gesture that says, “I’m going to care for you.” It’s very inviting and will make them feel welcomed.

5. Don’t be timid - be welcoming.

Many new hairdressers and barbers may be a bit timid with first-time clients. But it’s important to make eye contact. Eye contact helps you connect and engage your client. Let them know they are your focus.

6. We all love compliments.

Each client has something positive you can comment about, whether it’s a great pair of shoes, an amazing dress or suit, a stylish purse or man bag, or even the car they drove up in. Pick something appropriate that you notice.

7. Make your clients the object of your attention.

Ask how their week has been, or about anything special in their lives they may have mentioned before. Make easy chitchat to put them at ease. Don’t talk about yourself unless you’re asked. This is also a great way to find out about any upcoming events in their lives you might want to note for their next visit, such as a wedding, a job promotion, or a special vacation they have planned.

Click on the link below to read the full article and see their customer service checklist for your clients’ safe haven.

After all, great customer service means the whole package!


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