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2022 Hair Trends By Darrel Starkey Owner Of Taylor’s Hair Studio

Darrel Starkey, owner of Taylor’s Hair Studio, awards finalists and F.A.M.E. Team member, shares his top trends for ladies as well as men, taking us through the styles and colours which will be highly requested this year.

“2022 is upon us and clients of all ages are excited for a new year and getting closer to a normal environment once again. As we get closer to the new season and fresh start, trends are beginning to emerge in the salon already and are inspired by the fashion houses and runways around the world”.


Dimensional Colour

This is going to be one of the top colour trends for 2022, with clients looking to be more creative when it comes to their colour. Instead of an overall colour such as platinum blonde or a rich, chocolate brunette, clients are open to using several colours to break up the one tone colours, adding different dimensions to the styles. This is going to be a huge trend for 2022 and will cover all colours.

Colour Warmth

It’s time to tone it down notch and welcome back the warmer colours such as honey and golden blondes. Becoming much more client focused, the blondes will take inspiration from the warmer climates, opting for sunkissed colours and warmer tones. They key to achieving this look is to work with the clients complexion, ensuring the colour compliments it and allows it to glow.

Split Hair – the 50/50 look

For those clients who love a more daring look, the 50/50 trend is back and bigger than ever. Inspired by celebrities such as Melanie Martinez, Billie Eilish and Nicki Minaj, the split trend is a real statement look. However for 2022, this trend will be more of a contrast, with one half of the hair a darker shade and the other a much more lighter colour, contrasting against each other.


The Peaky Blinders Cut

With the return of Peaky Blinders gracing our screens very soon, this once again has a huge influence on the hair world, with many male clients opting for the blunt cut, made popular by Mr Thomas Shelby himself. The style features a close skin razor around the sides and back, teamed with a heavy top section. The undercut of the top section remains very blunt, giving off a feeling of strength and power. To give this style more of an edge, cut into the blunt line, to give an uneven edge. When creating this look, the top section can be tailored to suit the client, however I would advise using a texture or sea salt spray to give the look a much more creative feel and giving it a real uniqueness.

The Perm

Popular in SS21, the perm is back and going nowhere! Men are loving this voluminous textured look and this is set to stay as we approach early 2022. Teamed with a fade around the sides and back sections, this is a real statement look for the male clients out there and gives the illusion of thickness – something many guys are looking for. This is a great style which lasts for a while and is very popular with the younger, genz clients.

The Short Slick

Taking inspiration from celebrities such as David Beckham, Brad Pitt and Colin Farrell who have all sported this look, the short slick is a classic style which carries itself through winter 2021 to the new year, and will be hugely popular on the runways and with clients. Keeping hair a good length, the hair is slicked back towards the crown area, giving an effortless, classic look. The hair is cut at one length with a few disconnected layers included to allow the slick to sit perfectly when pulled back, and can be parted into the classic curtain style if required.


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