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Tangle Teezer Launches Easy Dry & Go: The Brush for Clients who Hate Blow Drying!

This is the groundbreaking launch of the year!

With 75% of women washing their hair daily or every other day, only 34% use a blow drying brush as part of their haircare routine.

Why? Because it’s too difficult for the average client to use a professional brush properly, and too time consuming to perform a proper blowdry.

Changing Lives, One Fast, Easy Blow Dry at a Time!

The Tangle Teezer Easy Dry & Go is a super easy, speedy vented hairbrush that is a consumer-friendly alternative to a professional brush. It’s perfect for clients who lack technique and expertise in blow drying, but would love a polished, fresh-from-the-salon finish!

• The teeth of the Easy Dry & Go are made from a heat resistant material that allows them to flex when hot.

• The vent in the brush allows heat to escape, for a quicker result.

• The curved edges grip flyaways and provide volume and lift.

• The lightweight handle makes this brush so easy to use!

Clients have found they achieve a far better result with this brush, with smoother hair and a faster finish! Making blowdrying fun, easy and rewarding!

It’s available in a range of gorgeous colours to suit every personality.

Order yours today and get ready to change your clients’ lives – this will be that “wonder buy” that keeps on giving value and joy!

Tangle Teezer is proudly distributed by Haircair.

Contact Haircair on Tel: +27 21 448 8847

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