Styles: Why Not by Felicitas Hair

September 10, 2020

Why not is an exercise of freedom, it’s following the footsteps of one's own principles, those that arise away from limitations and labels and that are the result of a different way of living.


Inspired by the 90s, a decade full of important events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, the appearance of Internet and the arrival of the end of the millennium, her images recall the nonconformity of the time. Textures are light-hearted, tones combine unexpectedly, and haircuts defy the pre-established aesthetic. It’s a rupture that aspires to create a new order in which only daring is possible.



Hair: Felicitas Ordás @ Felicitas Hair

Hair Instagram @felicitashair

Photography: Esteban RocaInstagram @esteban_roca_photo

Make-up: Kuki Giménez Instagram@kukigimenezp

Styling: Visori Fashionart Instagram@visorifashionartstudio

Models: Zoa, Miriam, Sandra, Margo, Bianca y Elliot

Products: Revlon Professional Instagram:@revlonprofessional_es

Video: Josep Oriol Carrasco

Music: Keco Pujol Instagram:@madeinblack

Catalog Design: Magda Obara



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