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Salon International 2020 in London Cancelled

After expectations that the 2020 Salon International would go ahead, the organizers have reluctantly made the call to cancel it, with October 2021 being the new date for the next Salon International in London.

“When Government gave exhibitions the ‘go’ date in July 2020, the team and I were very excited and worked to create an environment that was safe and would allow us to provide the inspiration and education the show is renowned for. However, that original announcement has not been matched with a practical commitment by the authorities; meaning that we may have been forced to cancel the October event at short notice. We are not prepared to put our visitors or our exhibitors through unnecessary cost and inconvenience, with the genuine prospect of last minute cancellation,” explains Jayne Lewis-Orr, executive director of Professional Beauty group.

Jayne explains that all tickets booked for the October show, will be refunded automatically but that the refunds may take a little while to process.

“I hope you agree this decision is in the best interest of the industry and I look forward to seeing you soon,” Jayne concludes.

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