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The Industry Remembers Peter Muhlbauer

Peter Muhlbauer was a well known industry personality who was very involved with Carlton Hair, particular in training and education, and was a passionate trainer and supporter of the South African team when they travelled to the the World Championships.

Hairnews received the sad news that Peter had passed away, earlier this year. Due to Covid-19 taking over we postponed the memorial to this industry icon and are now publishing an obituary from Peter’s daughter, as well as a tribute from a South African hairdresser, Jodi du Plessis.

Rest peacefully Peter, and thank you for your contribution to the industry.

Obituary: Peter Muhlbauer

My father was born 24 May 1946 in Germany, Wilhelmshaven.

When he was still very young his parents relocated to Austria where he spent most of his younger life living with his parents before leaving for South Africa to explore. He only ever planned to be in SA for 2 years but landed up immigrating here officially around 1966 and applying for permanent residence. He came over by ship, with not a penny to his name, as he'd spent all his money that he had saved for coming to SA on the way over.

From 1967 my father was associated with Jean Mayer in earlier salons in SA and their official employment relationship started around 1968. My father met our mother Doreen Higgs in SA, (who is South African born) and married in 1972. He has 2 children, older daughter Samantha, and younger daughter Dagmar.

He studied hairdressing in Vienna, and did his apprenticeship in South Africa, having worked for a while at his parents’ salon in Austria before coming to South Africa.

Tribute from Jodi du Plessis

The first time I met Peter, was the first day of my apprenticeship at Carlton Hair, 8th January 1985.

His and Jean's opening lecture left an indelible mark and laid a firm influence on my career, which contributed then, and does to this day, as I still adhere to the fine principles and standards taught to me over the many years by Peter.

Peter was extra strict on me, as I, being a barefooted hippie type, didn't fit his prototype Carlton appie and I proved a great challenge to him, yet he always encouraged us, the young, to take pride in ourselves, to project ourselves confidently, to be educated daily, to put on our best selves each day, to be the best professionals we could possibly be.

A great mentor to hundreds of young hopefuls, he had a strong manner of speech which was powerful, influential and uplifting. Over time he supported us, motivated us and befriended us as we grew into successful stylists which is why so many of us remained with Carlton. As a great encourager, motivator, forethinker, innovator and leader in our industry, it was inevitable that Peter and Jean would establish the greatest Hair Company in the Southern hemisphere at the time. And for this, Peter will be remembered....a strong willed encourager, motivator, leader, innovator, friend, stylist, a man ahead of his time, he made a massive contribution to our industry, and had a big influence in the way Hairdressing in South Africa is shaped today .

Thank you , Peter, for shaping my career.

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