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Major Professional Hair Industry Suppliers Offer United Plea for Reopening of Salons At Level 3

Supporting The EOHCB, Bargaining Council, UASA and SAAHSP In A Call for Safe Reopening at Level 3


27 May 2020

Dear Minister Patel

RE: Support for the re-opening of the salon industry in level 3

As key suppliers to the hairdressing industry in South Africa, we write this letter to you in support of the call by the collective grouping of:

1. The EOHCB (Employers Organisation for Hairdressing Cosmetology and Beauty)

2. Bargaining Council (for the Hairdressing. Cosmetology, Beauty & Skincare Industry)

3. UASA (United Association of South Africa), on behalf of the Hair & Beauty salon industry.

4. SAAHSP (South African association of Health & Skincare professionals)

To permit the re-opening of salons - all key stakeholders in the industry, namely suppliers, salons and professional organisations are collectively advocating for the reopening of hairdressing salons at level 3 of the national lockdown.

The salon industry is a large sector in South Africa with more than 21,000 establishments and a relatively dense territorial network (1 establishment per 2820 inhabitants) as well as thousands of workers. Salons welcome a million customers from across the country into their doors every day. Our industry, especially the informal sector provides employment for individuals who are sole breadwinners in their households.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, hair maintenance has proved to be a major concern to South Africans, as evidenced by the numerous petitions and the media attention. A hair salon is a source of beauty for men and women, across all demographics. It is also a place, which allows them to regain their selfesteem and to feel good about themselves. We strongly believe that it is possible to operate salons in a responsible manner. Services provided will not only go a long way in uplifting our society’s mood; it will also save many small businesses, their employees and extended families, who have lost their incomes.

Under strict conditions that support all the required COVID-19 preventative and hygiene measures, we believe that salons can be operational. We remain committed to supporting the Ministry and the profession with the safe re-opening up of hair salons.

Our preventative activities will focus on:

  • The provision of Protective Personal Equipment, sanitizers, gloves and face masks

  • Clearly displayed safety measures and frequent disinfection

  • Ensuring strict social distancing at all times

  • Only permitting customers with pre-booked appointments into the salon

  • Mandatory temperature checks and wearing of face masks for anyone entering the establishment

  • Employee training and enforcing safe working procedures to protect both workers and clients.

All work carried out will apply to both the formal and informal salons in the sector. Our reach as the local representatives of the largest global hairdressing brands, L’Oréal, Wella, Schwarzkopf, Goldwell, Moroccan Oil, Mizani and many more, enabled us to take guidance from the protocols and safe working practices implemented by the hairdressing industries in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, France, Germany and Denmark who have successfully re-opened hair salons.

We thank you for your support in this process and remain at your disposal for any further information.

Tresor Mpasa-Engwanda

General Manager

Professional product division


Chris Stofberg

Managing Director


Stav Dimitriadis

Chief executive officer


Steve Leahy

Managing Director


David Bolon

General Manager

Beauty care – Sub-Saharan Africa


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