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Cruise Ship Careers: Open for Recruitment During Lockdown

As a result of the lockdowns implemented to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, cruise ships have been temporarily docked.

The good news is that as soon as the travel bans are lifted and the world returns to normal, cruise ships will be sailing again – and there will be a massive, increased demand for hairstylists due to new ships being added to the portfolio.

Steiner, who operates the onboard spas, is now known as London Wellness Academy – and when cruise ships are sailing again, London Wellness Academy will need you asap!

This will be your chance to quickly recover from the financial challenges that many hairstylists are experiencing due to the economic effects of the virus, and have the adventure of a lifetime while earning excellent, tax-free income with no living expenses.

We urge everyone to follow the lockdown rules so that we can be back to normal in no time!

The Updated Recruitment Process

Although training and cruise ship placement are temporarily on hold, interviews are taking place, and this is your chance to find out more, apply, get on the waiting list, and ask all the questions you have been wanting to ask!

The LWA recruitment consultants are hard at work in their home offices, getting ready to fill the surge in demand when ships are sailing again. Creative solutions include Skype / video interviews which they are currently working on, as well as a video of the LWA onboard spa presentation.

Get in touch today! Use the lockdown period to explore this avenue and find out the potential and rewards of doing a contract at sea.

Please apply on the website: When you fill in the form you will be asked to attach your CV, and a consultant will then be in touch asap to set up a confidential interview – you can ask all the questions you like!

The LWA consultants recruit the following professions.


Beauty therapists

Massage therapists

Nail technicians

Personal trainers

We look forward to being in touch soon and welcoming you to our virtual interview office!

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