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Why I Love my Dyson Supersonic: By Marchelle Geyser

Hairstylist and salon owner Marchelle Geyser has been in the hair industry for over 10 years, working with some of the best local and international stylists. Her salon LUSHMAIN Hair Couture is based in Glenvista, Johannesburg, at 2 Sneeuberg Street. Marchelle explains, “Our clients are our passion and we aim to provide them with the best the hair industry has to offer by making sure we are always aware of any new or improved products and techniques.”

Q: Why did you choose to invest in the Dyson Supersonic Professional hairdryer?

A: I noticed how many of the top international stylists were using the Dyson dryer. After doing additional research I decided that I had to get one of my own.

Q: How long have you owned your dryer?

A: I ordered my Dyson Supersonic Professional Dryer about two years ago

Q: What were the biggest differences you noticed when using the Dyson, compared to your previous hairdryer?

A: The Dyson dryer’s noise level is much lower than any of my previous dryers. This makes communication with my clients whilst drying much easier, especially in a busy salon environment. Also, with the Dyson I have no strain on my wrists. With the motor built into the handle the Dyson is not "top heavy", so I am free to blow dry all day, every day without the pain or worry of physical strain and damage.

Q: How do you find the speed and effectiveness, the performance of the Dyson?

A: Absolutely brilliant!

Q: What do your clients think of the dryer and is it a conversation point in the salon?

A: Clients LOVE it. They refer to it mostly as "space age" or "high tech". A few have invested in one of their own.

Q: Have you found the dryer easy to maintain and clean, and what are your tips in this regard?

A: It is very easy even with the old version which I own. The new version, which is now available, has an improved filtering system as well as stronger magnetic attachments. Although I absolutely adore my current Dyson dryer, I am definitely going to invest in one (or two) of the newer version.

Q: What would your advice be to others who are considering investing in a Dyson Supersonic Professional?

A: Because it is completely different to your regular dryers, give it a week or two to fully get used to it. I know some hairstylists have a misperception that it does not dry as fast, as it does not get as hot. This is completely untrue in my experience. With regular dryers you run the risk of running air over the hair that is too hot. The Dyson is 100% efficient whilst taking the integrity of the hair into consideration, and at LUSHMAIN we are all about looking after the overall condition of our clients and our own hair by never over processing or damaging the hair strands, but still achieving desired results within the shortest timeframe.

If you would like to experience the Dyson Supersonic Professional difference for yourself, contact Dyson to enquire about the special stylist price available on the new version.

To order your dryer or enquire about the special hairstylist price, call

Customer Helpline: 087 807 9353 or Email: dysonsales@tudortech.co.za

To see more of Marchelle’s work using the Dyson Supersonic Professional, follow her here:

* Instagram @marchellegeyser

* Facebook Lushmain

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