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Bargaining Council: 2020 Union Fees Increase and Season’s Greetings

Pursuant to a decision taken at the Union’s National Executive Committee meeting held on 15 November 2019, the UASA membership fees for Active Members has been increased from R120.00 to R128.00 per month.

For Golden Year members (ie members who join the Union after the age of 60), the increase is from R99 to R105 per month, with effect from the February 2020 pay month.

These revised fees will be automatically increased on the Council’s system and as a result of the change, the Council will also redistribute the Wages Schedules in January 2020 with this increased fee.

The Council’s offices will be closed from 24 December 2019 at 13:00 and will re-open on 2 January 2020 at 07:30.


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