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Scar Hair Elevates Women Through Education

Many who have been to scar will know that is made up of mostly women.

Many of our staff are among the population in SA with the least amount of education. Most travel to and from work daily, in real danger and most are living in some of our highest crime rated areas and are living with the trauma of what that means daily.

It is an ongoing project of Jodi’s (one half of scar), to help to empower these women and to change the way that they feel about themselves to the point that it can begin to impact on their lives in a positive way.

This begins with education. With confidence. With commitment.

The Hair Cares Foundation which is based in Canada, was founded by Is Salon owner Erin Whitney Moore. They too have reached a point where they want to do more. Connecting with us here in SA has been the first step to do so.

We are therefore excited to announce the South African project with Hair Cares

We will be educating and mentoring 6 women who are desperate to learn more and up their skills. The course will give these women the basic understanding of hair skills and the confidence that will allow them to learn (and then earn) more.

The first leg of our project has just kicked off and 6 of our team started with their education in August. They will be carefully monitored by scar and Hair Cares, and the training was carefully curated by Davines here in SA, especially for scar. Amber from Davines Education is heading up the course and we hope it is the first of many more to come.

Well done to Andiswa, Lindiwe, Michelle, Busiseka, Tasneemha and Fatiema; through commitment and hard work they have been carefully elected as the 6 students.

Hairnews congratulates Scar, with the support of Hair Cares Foundation and Davines, for this amazing initiative.

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