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New Milkshake Colour Whipped Cream: Conditioning Leave-In Foam

Your clients will absolutely love the stunning milk_shake colour whipped cream range. These colourful foams with delicious fruit fragrances offer delicate, temporary colour tones that wash out of the hair. The versatile, caring products are formulated to condition, while giving an immediate, even colour tone to the hair.

Seven popular shades: Cold Brunette, Warm Brunette, Beige Blonde, Golden Blonde, Light Red, Copper and Violet.

Power Ingredients

They contain milk proteins that condition and restructure the hair, special emollients that give long lasting hydration, and the exclusive ingredient Integrity 41 that improves colour stability. Raspberry, blueberry and mango extracts have a protective, toning and energising action, while vitamin E counteracts oxidation while protecting the scalp and hair.

Your Clients Will Find

Their hair will be beautifully soft after using whipped cream, their colour will be revived, and their colour intensity and radiance will have greater longevity. Their hair will have brilliant shine.

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