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@WICKED-EDGES we recommend having any shears / scissors that you use on a regular basis serviced at least twice a year. They need to be cleaned, set and balanced, even if they are still sharp within that year period. If you purchased more affordably priced scissors, they may need to be sharpened as many as 4 times a year

What scissors we sharpen? We are often asked what scissors we sharpen.... And we are proud to say:


So no matter your scissor sharpening needs, we have you covered!

Salon and barber scissors. Scissors Convex large ( 6"+) - R350 Scissors Convex medium /small - R280.00 Scissors Beveled - R260. 00 Straight Edge Razors - R160.00 Thinning shears - R200.00

We offer our sharpening services in house at your salon for your convenience. Gauteng only.

End of winter special:

10 scissors or more as a collective in your Salon and receive a 10 % discount per scissor sharpening. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Jacques de Roubaix WICKED-EDGES 079 969 1868

Email: jacquesder@mweb.co.za Facebook www.wickededges.co.za

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