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Special Report: L’Oréal 110th Anniversary Celebrations in Paris

L’Oréal recently celebrated a huge milestone with their 110th Anniversary. A group of L’Oréal Professionnel clients from South Africa including Shelene Shaer from Tanaz, Kate Armitage from Kate Style Salon, Stacy Fagan from Hair at Stacy & Co, Chase Meakin from Chase Hairdressing, and Lewis Thomas from Partners Hair Design, were invited to attend this amazing event in Paris. The celebrations included the International L’Oréal Colour Trophy finals, where Stacy Fagan represented South Africa on stage, and competed at the top of the game with 32 winners of the Color Trophy from around the globe.

The programme featured top-class formal and hands on education from top international icons, incredible hair and fashion shows, outings and experiences, sumptuous banqueting, and the opportunity to network and share with hairdressers from all over the world.

A special congratulations to Stacy Fagan who is South Africa’s first international finalist in the Colour Trophy finals. A one-on-one interview with Stacy will be featured in Hairnews in early June – look out for it!

Here is feedback from all the hairdressers who attended, on what this experience meant for them personally and what their most treasured memories are.

Lewis Thomas – Partners Hair Design

What meant the most to me was that L’Oréal South Africa took the time and trouble to invite me to the 110th anniversary and spoilt me like an absolute king.

My most special memory was the incredible Parisian shows that L’Oréal Professionnel put on. Another huge highlight was the group I travelled with. The other South African hairdressers were fantastic and went out of their way to be friendly and inclusive... we were like brothers and sisters.

Chase Meakin – Chase Hairdressing

I have been working with L’Oréal Professionnel for more than 20 years, and have been an international ambassador for the past couple of years. It was an honour to be invited back to Paris, the fashion capital of the world. The highlights for me were the three days of hands-on workshops from top stylists, as well as the beautiful gala dinners and shows every night. Learning the latest “La French” cutting and colouring techniques was inspirational. It was a big honour to have South Africa represented in the World Colour Trophy finals. This was a phenomenal event, very powerful and inspiring.

We had the privilege of going into Notre Dame before it was damaged by the fire, and on our free day Taryn Bloem organised a fantastic tour of the Palace of Versailles, which was totally incredible.

110 years is such a milestone! There is so much history behind this company, and so much research constantly been done – with such a huge team of scientists working for the company, new innovations and patents are constantly being launched. The technology in L’Oréal Professionnel products is the best!

Stacy Fagan – Hair at Stacy & Co

It was absolutely amazing to rub shoulders with so many big names and icons. We were spoilt so much by L’Oréal Professionnel – there were surprises and gifts waiting for us in our hotel rooms every evening, and the food was mindblowing! The hotel was incredible – we had a view of the Eiffel Tower from our room. Taryn Bloem was a superstar and looked after us so well, ensuring we had so many unforgettable experiences and fun. The fashion show at the Louvre was incredible. The looks created seemed so simple, but were incredibly complex and skilled.

To be on stage representing my country was the experience of a lifetime. It was a huge learning curve, and so positive.

Shelene Shaer - Tanaz

What an incredible trip we had to Paris. It really felt like we were at The red Carpet event for hairdressers, there was an electric excitement.

The most amazing thing for me was the affirmation that as hairdressers in South Africa, if you educate and push yourself we are on a global par. I have been calling it my affirmation trip. I think we underestimate hairdressers as a community, and that our local issues are global issues too. The internet has changed the way we do business and I felt that we were delivered a better understanding of this and even a few solutions.

My highlight was a talk from @hairbyadir “Charlize Theron’s” hairdresser....with his never give up, make a plan, and educate yourself message which launched L’Oréal’s unbelievable ACCESS education platform.....Wow!

It was such a proud moment to stand and support Stacy Fagan....our Colour Trophy national winner. She represented SA with such beautiful quality work....we looked good on that stage. Thank you Stacy. Another highlight was meeting the international Colour Trophy winner, Wendy Gunn from Australia – she is almost 70 years old! If I have a quarter of that energy at that age I will be thrilled.... Well Done to her.

Spending time with Chase, Kate, Stacey, Lewis and Taryn was a treat. It really was a collective sharing!

Kate Armitage – Kate Style Salon

I would like to thank the L’Oréal Professionnel team for this opportunity and for sending me to Paris. Taryn Bloem from L’Oréal was exceptional, a fantastic organiser and made the trip so special for us. Who would ever have thought a hairdresser like myself would be sitting inside the Louvre in Paris for the 110th anniversary! As I said in my Instagram post... if you dream, dream big!

What I would like to say to anyone who does hair today – your world is so much bigger than you imagine! You can become an ambassador for L’Oréal Professionnel, you can travel the world, you can earn really well whether you are a salon owner or employed at a salon, and you are in control of your destiny!

This L’Oréal Professionnel trip was incredible. From the well organised agendas, the timing, the order, made me realise how important structure in my business is. Learning the La French balayage techniques were amazing. The new shades and glossing from L’Oréal Professionnel has changed my approach to colour and resulted in shinier and more intense effects. Listening to everyone’s stories was inspiring and motivating. It has made me willing to open up more and share my knowledge.

The international Colour Trophy felt like being at the Grammy Awards! Every detail was perfect, and Stacy did South Africa proud. It was an absolutely unforgettable experience. Being part of the L’Oréal Professionnel team has changed my life and vision. Many thanks to L’Oréal for allowing me to be part of something bigger.

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