Working on Board Ship: Your Questions Answered Part 2

Working on board ship will be the most exciting step you’ve ever taken in your career. You’ll work with premium products, gain incredible training, and get to the next level in your career with skills and experience that will open doors in the future. Here are some FAQs about working on board ship.

Q: What are the earnings like on board ship?

A: Your earnings will be exceptional. You will be amazed at the money you are able to make, and save, after just one contract... and you will be able to save almost all of what you make as you have no expenses for accommodation, transport or food. Of course, you might want to splash out from time to time, shopping in exotic cities, or having amazing experiences on your days off!

Q: Do most hairdressers do just one contract?

A: A lot of hairdressers go back for a second contract after the first one, and will often end up doing six or seven contracts on board.

Q: Is the experience on board ship more intense than the same experience working on land?

A: Yes – it’s estimated that the experience you gain during a 9-month contract is equivalent to 2 years’ experience working in salon. So the value of this time is unsurpassed!

Q: What are the benefits of having a Steiner contract on your CV?

A: Because Steiner is internationally recognised, everyone knows the quality of the training and the calibre of hairstylist who will do well during an on-board contract. For this reason it opens many doors and allows you to apply for your dream job anywhere in the world.

Q: What are the working hours like?

A: Your hours are a longer than the standard hours in a salon, but maritime law ensures your working hours are regulated. Your maximum hours will be 14 hours per day, which includes two hour-long breaks for meals. And of course, no traffic getting home afterwards – your cabin, entertainment and socialising are all on site!

Want to find out more? Here’s what Steiner staff worldwide have to say about their cruise ship contracts

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