Cruise Ship Hairdressing: Q&A with Recruitment Manager Daniella Diem

What’s it like working on board a cruise liner? Steiner recruitment manager Daniella Diem talks about her own experience as a cruise ship hairdresser, and some interesting details of life on board.

Q: What did you expect when you signed up for a cruise ship contract?

A: I didn’t know what to expect! It was a spur of the moment decision so I had no idea what it would be like.

Q: And looking back, how did you find the experience?

A: It was incredible. I grew so much as a person, learned to run my own business within a business (so important for hairdressers), and made lifelong friends – people you meet on board ship understand you really well as you are in the same environment. Professionally, I learned so many tips and techniques from hairdressers from other countries, and was able to share mine in return.

Q: What did you enjoy the most?

A: My view from where I worked, it was the most incredible view to enjoy while I cut and blowdried my clients – a beautiful ocean vista that was always changing. I also loved that every week, you had a brand new fresh start with a new intake of clients. So even if you had one quieter week, the next one would bring a whole lot of new opportunities.

Q: What are the most important personal skills you need?

A: Your personality is important, getting on well with other people is essential, and of course being a hard worker will make all the difference to your success.

Q: What about after hours – were there lots of activities and things to do?

A: There was so much to do on the ship – from nightclubs to discos, from Bingo to movies, and of course the captain’s formal nights. The only time I was in my cabin, was when I was actually asleep!

Q: A question most hairdressers will definitely want to know... what’s the food like?

A: The food is amazing! Every ship is different, but the meals are buffet style and delicious, you can’t wait to see what is served up every day, and best of all it’s free!

Q: What are your career options after completing a contract?

A: Once you have worked for Steiner, you can literally work in any salon around the world, and will be sought-after by employers; completing a cruise ship contract is your passport to your dream job and a huge asset to your CV. The majority of hairstylists end up doing more than one contract on board ship and after you have done three or more, you can also apply to work at Steiner head office, move into recruitment, or else progress to managing an onboard salon or spa.

Does travel, adventure, great money, and new horizons every day sound like your dream job?

To apply to work on board ship, sign up using the online form HERE. A recruitment consultant will be in touch asap to set up a confidential interview.

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