Goldwell Color Zoom Challenge: Excitement, Creativity & Fame Await!

Showcase your creativity and step into the spotlight with the Goldwell Color Zoom Challenge ’19.

If you love the breathtaking excitement of a creative challenge, the rewards of national and global fame, and the opportunity to travel overseas to represent your country live on stage.... then enter the Goldwell Color Zoom Challenge ’19.

Remember: Entries close on 31 May 2019

How Does it Work?

The stunning Goldwell Remix Collection is your starting point – use it as your inspiration when creating your entry.

Choose your category – New Talent Artist if you have less than 5 years’ experience as a qualified hairstylist, Creative Artist if you have more than 5 years’ experience as a qualified hairstylist.

Read the rules so you know what the judges are looking for – the competition is scored out of 100.

40% is for trend interpretation – a look that takes the Remix trend forward with your vision and personality.

40% is for technical execution – the balance and perfection of your colour, cut and styling.

20% is for the total look – the hair, make up, fashion, and the quality of your model and photography.

Here’s an easy timeline for submitting your entry, and some tips for success!

Check out the Remix collection

(Tip: It’s a mix of pop with punk – bold colours, sharp contours, strong contrasts)

Interpret the trend your way

(Tip: Don’t just copy... reinvent, have fun, show your personality and style in the trend)

Choose a model

(Tip: male or female, 18 years or over – a great model who is photogenic, will always be an advantage)

Create your look

(Tip: using Goldwell products only – no wigs or hair extensions allowed. And remember what the judges are looking for when you create your entry – fabulous colour and cut, well finished, with stunning make up and photography!)

Do a photo shoot

(Tip: no full body shots, show maximum up to the chest. Keep retouching to a minimum as you must be able to recreate the look live if you win)

Submit your photo with the correctly filled in entry form by May 31 2019

(Tip: your photo must be in hard copy and digital format, and your entry form must be filled in correctly, according to the rules)

You can post or courier your entry, give it to your Goldwell rep, or drop it off at Goldwell head office

(Tip: Just by entering... you’re already a winner because you’ve showed your talent and created beautiful work! Well done!)

Competition Closes 31 May 2019

National winners will be announced in July 2019

Global Zoom international finals will be held in Vienna, Austria, on 29 September 2019

To obtain your entry form or if you have any questions...

Contact Goldwell Jhb: 011 312 5070

Goldwell Cape Town: 021 551 3010

Goldwell Durban: 031 566 5766

Or fill in the website contact form HERE.

For more information, rules, inspiration and ideas... click HERE.

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