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Vitality’s Espresso Color Masks: Shine, Condition & Color Refresh in 3 Minutes!

Fast to use... and impossible to forget!

It’s what every client wants. Refreshed colour and glorious shine in just three minutes!

The award-winning Espresso Color Masks from Vitality’s are easy to use, easy to sell, and loved by clients and hairstylists alike! They can be used by clients at home just like a conditioner, offering a phenomenal boost of colour that keeps hair looking fresh and fabulous!

13 Nuances including pastel shades and brighter tones. With new colours Yellow, Green, Blue and Neutral, it’s easy to revive tonal shades too.

Fast: They work in the time it takes to make a coffee!

Effective: A slightly acidic pH guarantees brilliant shine, with hair sealed and smoothed.

Gentle: Ammonia-free, peroxide-free, ideal for sensitive scalps.

Practical: As easy to use as a conditioner, and it also softens and detangles after shampooing!

Restructuring: Keravit, a plant protein-based molecular complex – keeps hair strong, full of life, and in perfect shape.

The result? Glossy, manageable hair with a glorious colour refresh!

Winner of the 2018 Hair Product Awards in category: Originality of Concept.

Want to find out more about these incredible, well priced products or order them for your salon?

Email Phone / Message 083 296 9550.

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