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milk_shake Silver Shine: The Secret to Perfect Blondes

Blonde hair requires specialist care to keep it shiny and healthy – bleaching, washing, pollution and brushing all take their toll on its natural beauty.

Why does Blonde go Yellow?

Blonde (and grey) looks its best when it takes on pastel tones. Unwanted yellow tones mean a perception of aging, unhealthy hair. UV rays, pollution and other aggressors can all deteriorate natural blonde hair – and as for lightened hair, it’s a sad fact that the yellow pheomelanin in the hair is more resistant to oxidation and becomes more visible over time!

milk_shake has the answer with their incredible new Silver Shine range.

This range neutralises yellow and golden tones in blonde, bleached and grey hair. It enhances the natural tone of the hair while revitalising it with softness, manageability and shine.

The range includes Silver Shine Shampoo with violet pigment, enriched with organic mixed berry extracts and milk protein. Silver Shine Whipped Cream is a creamy conditioning mousse with milk proteins, organic mixed berries and Integrity 41, giving perfect condition while preserving hair colour.

Blueberry, blackberry, raspberry and strawberry extracts are renowned for their cosmetic toning and nourishing action. Milk proteins are restructuring and hydrating, while Integrity 41 is a cocktail of active ingredients which restructure while protecting hair colour.

Products have a sensationally gorgeous, berry-flowery scent that clients will love just as much as they love the phenomenal results!

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