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milk_shake Volume Solution Range Launches

Astounding volume and body from the first application!

One of the biggest needs clients with fine to normal hair have, is for volume and body to revitalise and energise their flat, limp, static locks. Milk_shake’s Volume Solution range has been formulated for impeccable results – deep, gentle cleansing, weightless conditioning, superb volumizing and strengthening of the hair.

Volumizing shampoo:

Paraben-free, precious sugar derivatives add volume and body without weighing hair down.

Volumizing conditioner:

Softness and body with a deep reviving action.

Volumizing styling spray:

Structure and volume with a healthy, vibrant shine and flexible, light style support.

How do the products work their magic?

• Sugar cane derivatives have a calming and hydrating action on the scalp, creating the perfect base for fuller, shinier hair.

• Milk proteins give strength and resistance to the hair fibre.

• Integrity 41 is a registered complex that prevents colour fading while improving manageability and shine.

• Quinoa proteins protect colour and prevent fading.

• Rice proteins strengthen and give volume to hair.

• UV filters protect hair from sun’s rays and other aggressors that cause colour fading.

• Organic fruit extracts: Strawberry, papaya and goji berry have a protective, toning and conditioning effect.

milk_shake loves the environment: Shampoo and conditioner bottles are made with 50% recycled plastic and are fully biodegradable.

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