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What To Do When Clients Face Discomfort During A Colour Service

This time of year, we see many clients who want their hair coloured that are either new bookings or existing clients that don’t regularly colour their hair. These clients may face some discomfort during their colour service-such as an allergic reaction, or unfamiliar sensation- and, we need to understand why this occurs.

In a previous article, I wrote about allergies and our need to be cautious - I urge you to refer to the article to understand why a client can have an allergic reaction to hair colour.

If you are ever in doubt about whether your client has an allergy, please conduct an allergy alert test. It may seem tiresome but can prevent any unpleasant situations in the salon. Remember an allergy has little to do with the product and rather with the client’s own immune system.

In this article, I will explain the other reason why clients experience discomfort during an in-salon service and how you can prevent it.

Clients may experience small levels of discomfort which present as a tingling sensation or even a sense of itchiness. This type of discomfort has to do with the peroxide on the scalp and the client’s own scalp functions; the kinetic energy created by the peroxide is interfering with the protective mechanism of the acid mantle.

When you become aware of your client’s discomfort and to protect the scalp from irritation note the following:

1. Do not shampoo the hair on the same day a colour is applied

2. Make sure the scalp is intact before applying colour.

3. If possible, use a lower volume of peroxide for an on-scalp application. Especially with products such as Blondor

4. Do not use heat to accelerate the development process on these clients

5. Make sure you use the correct brand of developer. For example, Koleston Perfect and Illumina are designed to be used with Welloxon Perfect and not with generic peroxides.

6. When removing the colour make sure it is emulsified properly with water before shampooing.

7. Be gentle when shampooing and always apply a post colour treatment to the hair, such as Wella Professionals or System Professional. Also, ensure that the scalp is treated.

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