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Upcoming Launch: Careers in Hair

The shortage of hairdressers in the industry is a well known fact... there are many salons looking for staff, and not enough staff to fill the positions. Having a shortage of good hairdressers is not good for the industry. Having a good supply of motivated, talented newcomers helps the industry to grow and strengthen.

Hairnews is going to be promoting hairdressing as a career to school leavers, parents and teachers through a new website, social media and interactive campaign – Careers in Hair.

This will be live within the next few weeks, and it will include:

• Profiles on successful young hairdressers

• What personal qualities are needed to succeed

• Colleges and educational centres countrywide

• Opportunities for learnerships / apprenticeships at salons

• Benefits of a trade versus university degree

• Money matters – costs and earnings over the years

And more!

If you would like to be involved with Careers in Hair, if you would like your company to support this initiative or to promote your college, or if you would like to be profiled, contact info@hairnews.co.za or call/ message 082 891 8537. We will bring you regular updates on this in the next few days!

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