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Joico’s Amazing Innovations: Intensities, Body Shake, Beach Shake, Flip Turn, Colour Butters

All the latest info on Joico’s phenomenal, exciting, award-winning launches over the past few months. Read and be inspired.

JOICO has been in South Africa for almost two decades, growing from strength to strength with salons and major groups stocking our retail as well as our color brands all over the country. Our Deep Penetrating Reconstructor in our K-Pak range has won 16 coveted “Best Treatment Awards” at the Stylist Choice Awards in the US as well as best new color line with our Lumishine color range. Our Intensities “funky color” range has also won best semi permanent color line and that’s just to name a few.

With our patented Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex we ensure that the hair only takes what it needs and expels what it doesn’t so the hair always feels healthy, shiny and gorgeous. That’s why we are the healthy hair company and believe in the ‘Joi’ of Healthy Hair which is why it’s our tag line and what we stand for as a brand and as a company.

Our blonde life bleach and blonde life at home retail has been one of our best sellers over the last couple of months. Our Blonde Life bleach gets 9+ level lift and the condition and shine of the hair is impeccable for those platinum blonde do’s. To maintain those blonde locks we have the Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo, Conditioner and Masque.


We also stock the styling aid range Structure which is our UK inspired, funky, lifestyle brand and falls under the Joico umbrella. We have some best sellers like Adapt and Paste that all good JOICO stockists carry countrywide.

*please note some of the products in the pic are not available in South Africa.

Here are some of the exciting new launches we have had in South Africa over the last couple of months.

JOICO Intensities has two new shades and a new formulation that can make these semi permanent colors last up to 20 shampoos. The on-trend True Blue and Kelly Green. (Done as a in-salon service only)


Beach Shake: A texturizing finisher creates plush separation, moisture and a satin finish with no drying salt or sticky sugars. This unique hybrid product contains coconut oil, sunflower oil, beeswax and flexible resins for a Beachy look without the sandy strands.


Body Shake: Dry texturizing finisher to build volume, thickness and plush density is ideal for fine to medium hair. This hybrid combines invisible aluminum starch with crystal clear hold resins and dry conditioners that build lush locks with a velvety matte finish and all day volume.


Flip Turn: we’re talking about that classic, flip-your-head-upside-down-for-a-volumizing-fluff drill. Our innovatively-designed nozzle super-charges bake with big-time body from any angle; the Level 10 holding power locks in volume and shine for a full 72 hours. Trust us: you’ll flip for the stuff.


Color Butters: Not only do they leave the hair in great condition because of the Shea Butter, Arginine and the patented Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex but it also washes out after 10 shampoos. (Hair needs to be pre-lightened to see best results) so ask your nearest Joico stockist about Green, Blue, Titanium, Purple, Red Or Pink butters to buy and take home. This is a fantastic solution for those wanting to make sure their bright and funky colors can be constantly touched up at home.

These are just some of the launches we’ve had as well as the continued success of our legendary Four Phase System and our Lumishine and Vero K-Pak Color Lines. We have also had a new app launch which will help all our colorists with coming up with formulations and color techniques, it is available on the android and apple formats.

For more info or nearest stockists please call: +27 (21) 876-4113 or email joicosa@netactive.co.za

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