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ESP's Business Intelligence - Now Your Business Can Talk to You

Did you ever wish your business could talk?

Do you want to know what your clients really think of you? Whether your staff are doing the best job, and if not, what help they need? What products and services sell the best and at what times of the year, where you should focus your energies, what direction you should be moving in, and where the biggest potential for growth lies?

ESP Business Intelligence gives you the answers, allowing you to:

• Run your business more effectively

• Identify areas that need your attention, fast

• Take advantage of opportunities for new growth asap

• Assess staff performance, strengths and weaknesses (business intelligence stats can’t be argued with and give you the true picture)

• Save more money. Make more money...

• And so much more.

ESP is the leading provider of salon and spa software in South Africa

ESP Business Intelligence: Enabling you to manage and grow your business.

For more information go to esponline.co.za

Contact 086 099 4163.

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