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Social Media Marketing Tips with Ursula Brett

Besides knowing your audience or the one you wish to attract, one of the key factors to marketing your salon is IMAGE. All elements need to be cohesive when it comes to your Logo, Salon Exterior, Salon Interior, Staff (appearance and client interaction), Print Material, Social Media. What makes your salon different? To stand out you need to be different, otherwise, you're competing in the same market as any other salon in your area. You want to be the best at something and make it work for you, people must want to drive to your salon, choose you above any others. Figure out that angle and make that your offering/point of difference.

Seminar Date Change

Ursula’s upcoming Social Media for Salons seminar has been moved from 26 February to the new date of Monday 5 March. Venue: Fourways, Gauteng.

This is an essential seminar for every salon who wants to get the most out of their social media and learn to fully utilise this platform in their marketing.

For details and to book, click on the links below.



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