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Monday Motivator for Apprentices

Being an apprentice in can be tough, and it’s hard work even though there are many awesome moments! Is life any easier for learners in top, trendy London salons? The answer is no – but hard as it sometimes is, it’s also amazing! Read the words of a soon-to-be-qualified below.

From @peachsodaa, apprentice at Not Another Salon, London:

“In the short 3 years ive been in this industry, ive gone home in tears countless times, worked 12 hour shifts without breaks, lived off noodles and beer for months on end and struggled to pay rent for the entirety of my time doing this. HOWEVER, Ive also met the most unbelievable people, gone to the most fabulous parties and awards, had my face and work in magazines and have been on stage in front of hundreds of people. If it wasn’t for the blood, sweat and tears, I wouldn’t have this exciting career ahead of me that’s just filled with opportunities.” - an excerpt from a recent blog post by @peachsodaa who will be qualifying in a few short weeks. Dedication pays off.

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