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Revealed: The Secret to Beating Breakage

Up to 95% more resilience against breakage

The wait is over!

We can finally reveal what turns damaged into soft, lively hair.

The Next Dimension in Hair Recovery by Wella Professionals

The biggest hair concern women between the ages of 18 and 34 have is HAIR DAMAGE. Meaning a large percentage of your clients are struggling with lifeless, dull, and weak hair.

Introducing the NEW Wella FUSION.

The first immediate hair recovery system from salon to home. A hair range, that gives women the hair they want, without compromise. This innovative product - inspired by the strongest fibre in nature, the spiderweb - penetrates deep into the hair fibre to refill it with amino acids while micronised lipids protect the hair from free radicals and mechanical damage.

What makes Fusion unique

Wella’s secret weapon to combating damage is a simple regime, which includes both an in-salon treatment and take-home products. An amino acid refiller treatment is used on the clients after shampooing, which immediately makes your clients hair look healthier. The take-home products will not only extend the treatment results, but also leave clients hair renewed, less vulnerable to damage, and surprisingly soft.

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