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Lynette Manning Mould - An Industry Great Passes Away

By Garry Frasca and Nicky Roberts

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to a dear friend and a hairdresser. Lynette Manning Mould passed away on Saturday evening at home and with her family.

I first met Lynette at a company conference in the Drakensburg in 1985 and stood and listened in awe as she presented the models and trained us on the new perm Dulcia Vital. Lynette was mesmerising and from our very first meeting it was as if I had always known her.

Lynette achieved many milestones in her career that spanned 44 years. Lynette was part of the team that represented South Africa at the World Hairdressing Championships in France in 1982. She was also Chairperson of what was then The International Hairdressing Club for three years and spread the word of hairdressing to all who would listen. Lynette will be remembered for her ability to listen and guide in her gentle but firm way and at the last count about 21 apprentices passed through her hands at Vogue Hair & Beauty in Boksburg. Lynette travelled the country doing demonstrations, her forte being long hair up-styling, a joy to watch.

Lynette always found the time to spend with everyone who came into her space, I never once heard Lynette say a bad word about anyone. Lynette was the epitome of the consummate hairdresser, always beautifully turned out, never a hair out of place, beautifully manicured nails. Every client who left her chair must have felt special. I have been blessed to have known Lynette for the last 32 years. Although Lynette was no longer actively involved in hairdressing she still managed to do some of her old regulars and she had started a new venture with her daughter Tarryn - cake making for all occasions, specialising in fondant flowers and branching into butter-cream icing.

For those of you who knew Lynette you will smile knowing the passion she would have put into this new venture. Lynette never said goodbye on the phone without saying give my love to Nicky, thank you. Your laughter will echo in our home forever. Lynette you leave us with heavy hearts but a lot of beautiful memories. There is going to be a lot of colour in heaven and angels with the best up-styles ever. Our condolences go out to your family, Robin your husband, Tarryn Griffiths your daughter, her husband and to all your family and friends.

Lynette's Memorial service will be at 2pm on Thursday 6th July at Trinity Community Church in Sunward Park.

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