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Tools - Shape them Up or Ship them Out

It’s easy to stop thinking about how your tools look, when you work with them every day. You can become so used to their appearance that you don’t really notice when your comb starts looking battered, or your brush bristles are past their best, or your tint brush is becoming so worn it’s turning into more of a tint spatula...

But although you are used to their ever-shabbier appearance, your clients may notice and it will affect their perceptions of the salon. So, sometime within the next week, take up the challenge to do the Great Tool Shape Up or Ship Out. Line everything up and take a look at it from a client’s perspective. Ask yourself:

Is the tool perfectly clean?

Does it look new or worn?

What impression will this tool give to a new client?

Depending on your answers, it may just be time to go shopping - but it’s money well spent, because investing in the image you present to clients shows that you have passion for your trade, and that you are a stickler for hygiene and professionalism! Happy shopping.

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