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Out and about in Hyde Park and Greenside

After enjoying a weekend break from the blog to recharge and refuel, I looked in the mirror on Monday and saw the sight every woman fears the most... visible root growth! This was bad... and getting worse with every minute that passed. Horror filled me, and with shaking hands I dialled the number of Carlton Hair Hyde Park. The next day, I arrived there, ready for the incredible experience of having my hair done by maestro stylist and international fashion guru David Gillson. And while I was enjoying the top-class service, care and cappuccinos this salon offers, another well known industry icon arrived - Lesley Kahn, from the Carlton Hair Academy. Here's a photo of us taken after David had put the finishing touches to my new style. And I must add... at Carlton, you can also have the most incredible make-up done on site by David-John who will make you look like a film star in just a few minutes. (Spoiler alert: I was in a rush so didn't have a chance to have this done before the photo was taken!)

Now, there's another salon in Hyde Park, which is part of a chain that I know well - the renowned Franco International group. This salon recently opened next to Exclusive Books, and the decor is absolutely beautiful - it's like stepping into another, glamorous universe. Franco International is a salon chain that is focused on - one might even say obsessed with - education, and every one of their stylists is expert, passionate and professional - superstars in their own right. I had a quick look in and took a photo of Tara and Tasmin outside this gorgeous salon.

From there, I had to run a few errands, and along the way I stopped off at a little shopping centre in Greenside. As I sprinted for Woolworths, I heard a familiar sound... the buzz of thousands of hairdryers. I stopped mid-run, glanced to my left - and saw a salon whose name I know really well - Xpertease. This is an award-winning, well established salon which up until now, I hadn't had the privilege of visiting. Well, it was absolutely pumping... the busiest shop in the centre. It was the owner, Gail's, day off, so I couldn't say hi to her, but I took a quick photo of the glamorous reception area.

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